Two-year-old walks through fresh concrete floor, steals hearts

 Photo: Facebook: Porter Concrete Construction Co.

Toddlers; they are capable of so much love, with cuddles and smooches that just go right to our hearts. They are also capable of mass destruction, the likes of which we never thought could exist in our pre-kid lives.

One little girl has proven she is the very sweetest mistress of chaos and the internet is loving her. Izzadora Millaway, 2, walked right on through a freshly-poured concrete floor to get to where she thought her mother was.

Jonathan Porter was hired to pour a new concrete floor in the basement of the Millaway family home in Cleveland, Tennessee.

The 'concrete comedy.'
The 'concrete comedy.' 

Having animals walk through wet concrete is just part and parcel of the job, but a toddler marooned in the middle of an expansive newly-poured floor was a first for Jonathan.

He told Today that as a member of a local fire and rescue organisation, he had been momentarily called away from the job to assist with a car accident, and that on his return he was telling Izzadora's parents about it. The toddler had slipped away from her grandmother, and older brother and sister upstairs in search of her mother, whose voice she could hear. Porter spotted the girl, stranded, calf-deep in the wet concrete he and his team had perfected 45 minutes beforehand. 

"I looked inside and about 25 feet away from me I see this child standing dead centre, and she had a look on her face that was priceless," Porter explained. "She didn't know whether to back up or move forward."

Her mum was aghast at first, certain that the tradesmen would be unimpressed. Sara Millaway, Izzadora's mother said, "We were kind of taken aback by the whole situation, and we figured Jonathan was going to be extremely irritated because they were working hard, but it was comical."

Jonathan took the incident lightly and made sure her parents documented it, later posting the photos to Facebook and calling it 'Best concrete comedy!.' "When I saw her, I said, 'Oh my God,"' Porter said. "I told her to stand right there. Her parents looked like they were going to get irate, but it was just funny."



Sara was relieved it didn't become an emergency, noting that it was lucky the team were still around. "They had just poured that section, so I was hoping that it wouldn't dry that quickly," she said. "Had they already left, I probably would've had to call 911 because we didn't know what to do."

"To her, I guess it was just squishy on her toes and she was going to keep walking until she found us," she added.

Izzadora's footprints, along with those of her three-year-old brother Colton, are now displayed in the floor for perpetuity. After Porter filled up the toddler's trail of destruction and smoothed it over again, he had the youngsters imprint their tootsies and taking care they didn't have another opportunity for carnage. 

That's just as well, because her mum says she's not too concerned about the whole thing. "She's probably going to do it again the next time she sees some. I think she enjoyed it. She stood there like it was fun."