Toddler's excellent reaction to kids staring at her birthmark

Lydia doesn't let her birthmark get her down.
Lydia doesn't let her birthmark get her down.  Photo: Facebook/Love What Matters

A two-year-old who has a large red birthmark on her face was completely prepared to deal with the reactions of other kids on her first day of preschool.

When Lydia arrived for her first day of preschool she had "fresh bruising" on her face because she needs to have regular treatment to keep the birthmark healthy.

When she noticed some of the other kids whispering about her, little Lydia wasn't remotely phased.

Recalling the incident on the Facebook page Love What Matters, Lydia's proud mum, Kelly Wilson Bossley, wrote: "Instead of getting upset or self-conscious, Lydia simply walked over to her cubby, pulled out the copy of Sam's Birthmark and handed it to her teacher to read to the class."

Sam's Birthmark is a kids' book written by Martha and Grant Griffin, whose son was born with a large birthmark covering half of his face. When they couldn't find a book that dealt with the issue of birthmarks they decided to create their own.

The aim of the book is to teach children to embrace differences – and it's certainly had a big impact on Lydia.

"[Lydia] isn't even three yet but her resilience and ability to self-care blows me away," her mum continued.

"I cried nearly the entire way to work – not because I worry how her peers will treat her in the years to come, but because I know this girl is [going to] do big things!"


After sharing the story on Facebook, the author of Sam's Birthmark commented on the post to express her joy.

"I am the author and when I see posts like Lydia I tear up," wrote Martha Griffin.

"Connecting with birthmark parents from around the world has been truly amazing. Our goal is too spread birthmark awareness and acceptance."

The story has also proved to be inspiring for other parents who have kids with distinctive birthmarks.

"Love seeing posts like this," wrote one mum.

"My daughter was born with 35 per cent of her body covered in 'port wine stain'. Luckily, she's had no problems with it."

Another mum wrote, "Thank you for this Kelly. My son has a birthmark similar to Lydia's and this has given me hope that he can one day too stand up for himself.

"I guess I just need to have more faith in him!"