Toddler twins' epic Ferris Bueller photo shoot

Ferris and Cameron? Is that you?
Ferris and Cameron? Is that you? Photo: Lauren Willis/Twitter

You wouldn't think a pair of toddlers could brilliantly emulate the iconic characters of an 80s blockbuster movie, but here's proof that can actually happen.

One savvy mum has dressed her twin toddlers as iconic besties Ferris Bueller and Cameron Frye from Ferris Bueller's Day Off for Halloween and they are instantly recognisable.

Posting the photos to Twitter, Lauren Willis from Florida showcased some very early talent in her twin boys Charlie and Row being the dynamic duo who systematically and charmingly caused mayhem, chaos and destruction in the 1986 film.

Need a refresher on the original characters? Here they are along with that prized car, may it rest in eternal peace.


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While no Ferris Bueller scenario is complete without Sloane, we're thinking that three toddlers was probably a little too much to handle and the adorable boys do a stellar job.

The photo shoot took place in their own street, with mum Lauren behind the camera. She told Babble that the basic items came from the boys' own wardrobe.

"A couple things came from Amazon (like the hockey jersey and microphone), and I had Ferris' vest made by someone on Etsy. We had been planning to get them a little electric car for their birthday so my husband decided to find a red Ferrari online too to really complete the scene!"

This is serious cute overload. They have their own little red sports car and the clothes are replicated perfectly.

Photos: Lauren Willis/Twitter

Gen Xers, fans of the movie and just about anyone anywhere will get a kick out of these cuties doing their thing.

The best picture of all is the recreation of Ferris famous singing moment; just look at the little guy!


Lauren has a history of dressing up her babies as famous movie duos from the 1980s. Here they are last year dressed up as Wayne and Garth from Wayne's World.

They're definitely looking a little happier about Halloween this year.