The beautiful moment a little boy with autism fell in love with Snow White

When Jackson met Snow White.
When Jackson met Snow White.  Photo: YouTube

It's not unusual for a princess to melt hearts of those she meets, but the moment Jackson Coley fell in love with Snow White was particularly special.

The two-year-old US boy has been diagnosed with non-verbal autism and does not usually interact with anyone other than his immediate family.

However when he met the princess during a recent visit to Walt Disney World with his family, the little boy was besotted. He cuddled the princess and gazed into her eyes before putting his head on her lap.

"It still brings tears to my eyes because I remember how special the moment was, since he doesn't do those things with other people," Jackson's mum Amanda Coley told

"I saw affection and I saw just happiness and that look that he was so at ease, that he wasn't nervous or scared. He didn't have any fears toward her at all. He's not ever like that."

When Mrs Coley shared a beautiful video clip of the meeting on her Facebook page last month and it was viewed more than 6 million times. For privacy reasons she removed the clip and instead posted it in a Disney Adventures and Autism Facebook page she runs, where it has been viewed another two million times.

Jackson normally only interacts with his mother, father and older brothers 13-year-old Ethan and 9-year-old Landon. Mrs Coley said her youngest son is usually "fearful and shy" with anyone else, including extending family.

The toddler was dressed as Pinocchio during the family's visit to Disney, and Ethan took his little brother around to meet all the characters.

As expected, Jackson quickly pulled away from each of the characters he met - until he sat down with Snow White. 


"To our surprise, he didn't get up and leave," Coley says.

"He just suddenly melted and was perfectly content.

"It was almost that little breakthrough that he won't always be so scared of other people. That he will sit there and let somebody else love on him."

Jackson's brother Landon was also diagnosed with non-verbal autism when he was younger, but that diagnosis changed to high-functioning and now he loves to chat. Mrs Coley told Today her son's meeting with Snow White gives her hope that her youngest son follow in his brother's footsteps.

She also hopes other parents of children with autism will see the clip of Jackson and make and effort to provide their own children similar experiences.

"Take them places and try things," she said. 

"We had no idea how Jack Jack would react to Snow White the way he did. You truly never know what's going to touch them and bring a reaction out of them that you're not used to seeing."

On the Disney Adventures and Autism page, Ms Coley describes Disney World as her family's "happy place".

"Everyone that knows us will tell you that in a heartbeat," she wrote.

"Having two boys with autism does not make every trip the easiest in the world. They each have their challenges but Disney goes above and beyond to make sure they are happy and are made to feel just like every other kid.

"I'd love to share our adventures with you all in hopes of at least bringing a smile to your face or showing you that Disney can be an amazing place, even for a child with disabilities."