Stranger saves the day when toddler humiliates his mother in Starbucks

The latte was especially delicious with my humble pie.
The latte was especially delicious with my humble pie. Photo: Facebook: @MomBabble

An embarrassed mum has shared the moment her toddler son left her exposed in a Starbucks queue – and the happy ending of a free coffee.

Mary Katherine Backstrom told how she had forgotten lunch, so she was feeling hangry, and her toddler hadn't had his nap – a recipe for a stressful afternoon.

"I walk up to the barista, order a nuclear dose of caffeine, a snack for the kiddo, and then I feel a cool breeze," Mary wrote on Facebook. "On my butt."

Mary soon realised that breeze was because her son had lifted up her dress and was wearing it on his head like a hat, with her "granny panties and dimpled behind flashing for the entire world to see".

To make matters worse, Mary's son had then twisted himself inside her dress so his head was entirely wrapped in fabric and he couldn't escape.

"'MUMMY I CAN'T BWEEEETH' he shouted, all the while my butt is showing and the barista wants me to complete my order," she wrote.

"Now pause. My son's head is literally stuck against my butt, shrink-wrapped like a lollipop, and he's panicking because he might just die back there and, really: Could there be anything worse?"

Mary managed to unwrap her son – who she affectionately calls 'Nugget' – from the back of her dress, and then turned to pay for her coffee, but she was informed her coffee had already been paid for.


The barista said, "The man said to tell you that he's a fan."

Mary couldn't quite figure out what the man was a fan of but accepted the gesture graciously.

"Thank you, kind sir," Mary wrote. "The latte was especially delicious with my humble pie."