Preschool lunchbox-shames mum for including pickles as vegetables

Photo: Twitter
Photo: Twitter 

A mum has been left fuming after receiving a note home from her child's preschool telling her the gherkins she packed "don't count" towards the prescribed two serves of vegetables.

Sharing a photo on Twitter of the note she received, where it was claimed her son's homepacked lunch had no vegetables that day, the disgruntled mother wrote, "Today's All-American Lunch Box Saga has a major debate. .

She then asked, "Is a pickle a vegetable? Does it 'count'? Guess what. His cut up cucumbers do."

The letter states that "a lunch must include a quarter of a cup each of two different veggies or a quarter of a cup of fruit and vegetables." 

In addition, each child's lunch must include milk, protein, fruit, vegetables and bread or grain product.

Photo: Twitter

Photo: Twitter

"This is what our lives as #parents has become," she vented.

"Hard. Too damn hard. Making sure the prescriptive boxes are checked for some government oversight committee."

"I work hard and put love in his daily sack #lunch," she added, along with, "I am annoyed. #schoollunch He's only in pre-K!!!!!" 

"That's overstepping for sure," wrote one Twitter user followed by a cheeky suggestion.

"I would start choosing one thing to leave out every day to cause more unnecessary work for them."

Another described the preschool's actions as "crazy" while another joked, "You know whoever wrote that eats cold hot dogs dipped in cheese whiz for lunch."