Play School is moving to a new time, and parents are not happy

 Photo: ABC for Kids

ABC KIDS has announced it will move Play School to an earlier timeslot and parents have thrown themselves on the floor, flailing their arms around in protest.

The national broadcaster announced on its Facebook page that it was making scheduling changes to its kids' television viewing times. So upset are parents that, if they had their way, they'd put the television station on the naughty chair in time out.

The most notable change, moving Play School from its 9.30am timeslot to 9am, was met with the most objections from parents with young children.

Most were upset that their toddlers would miss the morning episode, as they'd still be out of the house doing the school drop-off.

"Play School time change was a bad move," wrote one mum on ABC's Facebook page.

"We'll never watch it now. Won't even be back in time after school run with younger child. Disappointed!"

Another upset parent agreed: "Disappointed regarding Play School. We will miss most of it with the school run! My younger two will miss it."

While others said their kids will struggle with the change in routine.

"Do you ever consider kids with special needs? They like routine," was the legitimate concern shared by one mum.


But for some parents, it seems they will be hit the hardest with the shock decision.

"What exactly is the point of switching Playschool and Sesame Street?" said one unhappy viewer. "If you're going to have them anyway just leave them where they were so you don't irritate people for no reason."

"Sesame Street @ 9:00 and Playschool @ 9:30 then Bananas straight's been that way since I was a toddler in the early 1980s!" wrote another. "The change will spin me out more than my kids."

"Oh no, is this 'in the Night Garden gate' all over again??" was the question posed by one mum.

She was referring to that dark day in 2014 when ABC KIDS announced it was no longer going to play In the Night Garden in the evening.

I remember that moment well – my children got over it pretty quickly, but it's scarred me. I loved that show.

Having not had to endure toddler programs for a number of years now, it seems there was one change most parents were thrilled with – there'll be no more Little Roy (whatever that is). Rejoice.

And most were pleased with Thomas the Tank Engine being moved to the 4.10pm timeslot.

Alarmingly, everyone's favourite pink friend Peppa did not escape the critics.

"Maybe consider getting rid of that sassy pig that's on at 7.58am," wrote one viewer.

However, the biggest complaint was that parents would no longer know what time it was, simply by listening out to the show jingles.

"How will I know when to start cooking dinner," joked one, obviously regular, viewer.

Thankfully, modern day conveniences like recording shows or watching them on ABC iview are available to any families who feel strongly about the timing of their favourite show.

But for now, let's join together and send strength to those parents dealing with children having tantrums because their favourite TV shows are not on when they want them to be.