Photographer's charming photos of son's adventures with his toy truck

Having a favourite toy is a rite of passage for children and never is that one toy more of an obsession than in toddlerhood.

Two year olds are renowned for their ability to be completely bonded with their toy of choice. For many, this takes the form of a cuddly snuggle toy at bedtime. For others it's a doll or blankie they bonded with in babyhood.

For one little boy called Miles, that toy is his Little Tikes truck. It goes with him almost everywhere and his photographer mother Alaina Carr of Alaina Lynn Photography saw an opportunity to document his charming antics.

Speaking to Popsugar, Alaina said, "He would lean out his window and yell 'Fries! Nuggets! Uh Fries! And toys! Thank you.' I wanted to make his little dreams come true, so I took him through an actual drive-through the next day."

She posted the photo on Facebook and it received such a huge response, she decided to make it a 30-day series.

Miles has proven to be a most willing participant in the adorable project, because of his attachment to his truck; "Anywhere we go, the truck goes. To get his big sister off the bus, he drives his truck. To get the mail, he drives his truck. To take the dog on a walk, he drives his truck," Alaina says.

They're a wonderful keepsake for Miles for the future and Alaina has plans to re-imagine the photos when Miles is older, telling Popsugar, "I can't wait to be able to re-create some of these when he's a teenager, and I can't wait for the day when he has his own children and he can show them 'The Adventures of Miles.'"

There are four days to go in the series so make sure you follow along for the last instalments. Alaina has also instigated a Little Tikes truck giveaway in honour of the photo series (Ohio US only).

Click through the gallery above for some of the gorgeous portraits and make sure to check out the Alaina Lynn Photography Facebook page for the rest of the photos.

Photo: Alaina Carr