Parents share their toddlers' most bizarre bedtime requests

Pandora will only go to her cot once she has gnawed on 7 toothbrushes with a plastic duck supervising. She must be ...
Pandora will only go to her cot once she has gnawed on 7 toothbrushes with a plastic duck supervising. She must be holding three of them at once in order to sleep a single wink that night. Photo: Shuttestock

For many parents of toddlers, the bed time routine starts around 4:30pm. It's a hellish three to four hours (if you're one of the lucky ones) of wind down, coaxing and pleading to eat, followed by that special bathing purgatory where you can't get them in, then can't get them out.

Then there's the 75 books you can't say no to for fear they'll never learn to read and let's face it they're super cute all clean after a bath and looking at you with those huge eyes.

After that come the last ditch efforts to stay up. Things like drinks of water, toilet trips and an urgent need to find the cat.

Some kids go the extra mile and request something so bizarre that it almost defies belief, if it wasn't absolutely true. And of course, in our desperation, we give it to them.

Redditors have shared the most bizarre things their toddlers have insisted they need in order to get to la-la land. Some are a little more on the tame side and others are like, whoa baby!

User fishsocks started the ball rolling with a truly cute anecdote about their son's need to hold an orange at bed time.

"Recently my son developed a 'nighttime orange' thing. He wants to hold an orange, in addition to his puppy, in bed. He doesn't eat it, just holds it.

What oddball routine does your kid do or need to have at night to get to bed?"

What follows is pretty amusing:


"I had to confiscate my son's nightstand because he kept trying to sleep on it instead of in his bed. At first he was just resting his head on it but more and more of his body ended up on it until he was pretty much entirely on it. He started wakimg up like an hour earlier and super cranky so it obviously wasn't restful sleep.

I tried letting him just sleep however but he kept falling off his nightstand and would wake up and get upset later.

I tried putting the safety rail flush with the headboard so he couldn't sleep on it and he just slept like hanging over the rail.

So I just moved the nightstand elsewhere in the room and everything was fine. It was weird."

One little guy just has to be touching a belly button.

"My son has to touch my belly button. He will cry in his sleep if he wants it and can't find it. He will ask me randomly throughout the day "where belly button go?" Lift my shirt and say "there it is!" Then touch it."

And then there's this.

"My daughter wants a dab of lotion on the bottom of each foot.... not rubbed in, just dabbed on. Half the time she'll try to sleep with her feet up so it doesn't get rubbed in by touching the mattress. Kids are SO WEIRD! But absolutely awesome."

Another needs someone to bite the top of her ear and another needs to say goodnight to the washing machine.

Read the full range of hilarious responses here, and be comforted by the fact that other people's toddlers are just as high maintenance, gorgeous and quirky as yours.