Parents share the weird things their kids are deathly afraid of

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If your child is horrified by the sight of Pinocchio, then today is the day you know you're not alone.

In fact there's an entire thread of people on Reddit who are sharing the weird and unlikely things their kids are terrified of, which will make you feel much better about your own child's seemingly irrational fears.

The OP begins the conversation explaining their child's unusual phobia.

"I found out recently that my son (toddler) is absolutely terrified of pinocchio. He doesn't scare easily so this is very unusual. If there is a Pinocchio on the tv my son will start hyperventilating and run to me and need me to hold him and he'll be shaking. I've watched him his whole life and this is totally random. What causes this? Should I do something? Anyone else have advice or something similar?"

Plenty of people have kids with similar phobias.

One person writes, "Yes. I think all four of my kids had at least one strange fear at one point or another, similar to what you are describing. My youngest is 21 months and she's currently terrified and goes screaming/crying to Mum if I do an "Elvis" curled lip face (discovered in one of Dad's attempts to be silly)."

"When I was tiny I was afraid of this wooden statue my grandma had because I thought it would come to life like the ones in the Hunchback of the Notre Dame. (Those were fairly jolly so not sure what the logic was there? Maybe because the rest of the movie was scary) It has, so far, completely failed to scar me for life," they write reassuringly.

Another totally relates.

"My four-year-old is terrified of ants. Like nightmares once a week, screaming like someone just chopped off a limb, frozen terror if she sees one in the yard scared. Not spiders, snakes, things that can fly or hop. We don't even have big bitey ants...just little sidewalk ants."


But that's not all for this little girl.

"We also recently found out that she is afraid of babies. She likes them when they are strapped into their seat or being held, but once they start crawling or walking she freaks out. I watched her use couch cushions and pillows to wall one of our friends 15 month old in to a corner."

And there's more.

"My four-year-old is terrified of King Fu Panda. If he sees an ad or a commercial, he goes running scared from the room, crying and screaming. I have no idea why."

"My 12 month old starts to cry whenever my husband makes a fart noise with his mouth."

"We discovered, this year when we got the Christmas decorations out, that my two-year-old is deathly afraid of snowmen. All snowmen (except Olaf apparently). She won't get near anything that looks like a snowman. Last year she was fine. This snowmen."

"My three-year-old demands a Darth Vader story as bedtime story and likes videos of Darth Vader. But she cries and runs to me when she sees Luna girl from PJ Masks on screen."

"When my daughter was a preschooler she was terrified of oscillating fans."

If there is one thing parents can learn from this thread, it's that unusual phobias are really common in young children, and that they soon grow out of them.

One day your child's fear of Pinocchio will become part of the family's folklore as they reminisce about their childhood and all the weird and wonderful things their little imaginations cooked up.