Parents share relatable 'before and after kids' photos

Photo: gottoddlered/Instagram/being_a_bailey
Photo: gottoddlered/Instagram/being_a_bailey 

Remember the days of waking up fresh as a daisy, with that youthful glow greeting you in the bathroom mirror every morning? Yeah nah, neither do we. We are only reminded of it when the very worst thing happens; stumbling accidentally upon a photo from before kids.

The toll of having kids is never more apparent than when we look back at old photos of ourselves, and by 'old' sometimes that means one year ago.

Got Toddlered is an Instagram account run by Mike Julianelle, who regularly writes about the trials and tribulations of raising young children on his blog Dad and Buried.

Parents submit photos from before and after they became parents and the results are hilarious, and very relatable. Visibly defeated by small fry, sleep deprived and with the house in chaos, laughing at ourselves is surely the very best medicine of all.

Here's Mike himself, getting the ball rolling in the first post of the series looking dewy and young, and then ten years and two babies later... not so much.


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And then the submissions came rolling in.


Referring to the photos as 'Before and after kids hellscapes' might be the funniest thing ever and of course it's all tongue-in-cheek.

Hellscapes indeed, and people who feel like husks of their former selves are keen to share.

This poor mum is only 4 months in. We can hear the parents of teens cackling loudly from here.

We're smiling and we are feeling the solidarity. Parents unite... in exhaustion and longing for our pre-kid freshness and freedom.