No-tears hair-washing (or how my son learnt to stop worrying and love the bath)

No more tears ... A special trick can make bathtime fun for your kids.
No more tears ... A special trick can make bathtime fun for your kids. 

As a preschooler, my son hated having his hair washed ... as in screaming, crying, trying-to-climb-out-of-the-bath hated it.

It got so stressful that I’m not sure which of us dreaded hair-washing night more - or, should I say, hair-washing fortnight, as it eventually became.

I tried 'no tears' shampoo, the buckets that aren’t supposed to put water in their eyes, coaxing and just dumping the water on his head and dealing with the short term hysterics. Until we finally found a solution that stopped all those tears.

You know when you find a solution to one of these kid-related problems that seems so obvious you don’t know why you didn’t think of it sooner? It was like when my toddler constantly unzipped her Grobag and threw it out of the cot in a nightly sleep protest; I was at my wits end trying to find ways to keep her in her sleeping bag until my mother-in-law suggested putting it on backwards. Genius. Sure, it kind of resembles a straightjacket, but she can’t unzip it and now goes to sleep without the nightly undress. Why didn’t I think of that before?

And so it was with the hair-washing solution, when I decided to try swimming goggles. Well, technically, like most strokes of genius, it came about by accident. My son had been at swimming lessons and was practicing his technique in the bath with his goggles on, when I realised it was a good opportunity to wash his hair. And what do you know? No tears, no fuss, no water in the eyes. So simple, yet life changing.

Okay, so it’s not really life changing. But it just may be a sanity-saving tip if your child hates hair-washing night/fortnight. Make bathtime an Olympic event, get your kids to wear their goggles, and see how well it works. You’ll wonder why you didn’t think of it sooner.