Mum's ultimate revenge on driver in 'parent parking' spot

I used my bad nappy for good.
I used my bad nappy for good. Photo: Facebook @makemineadoubleblog

A frustrated mum has shared on Facebook how she exacted revenge on a driver who used a parent carpark at a supermarket and then verbally abused her when she asked him to move.

The woman, who goes by the blog name Make Mine a Double, shared a picture of her twin boys Osian and Rhydian sitting in the boot of their parked car. The caption explains the events they had just been through:

"I lost my sh*t. Quite literally," she began. The mum explained she'd been to the local supermarket to drop off lunch to her husband. But when she returned to her car, a man was pulling his car into the parent space next to her "as if it was a F1 pitt stop".

"I politely gave my sweetest smile and said, 'I'm sorry you may not have noticed but these are parent and baby spaces.'"

When the man showed little concern, she explained further to him. "Just it's really tricky to get a space, sort a baby out, let alone two and get a DOUBLE trolley, especially when it's about to rain."

"'Not my problem love,' retorted the bearded hobbit."

The mum asked the man to move to another space because there were no other parent spaces left in the carpark, to which he replied, "There will be when you leave, now f**k off you fat b*tch."

The mum did her best to remain calm, but did reply, telling the man she hoped he had children some day and experienced the same kind of unpleasantness at the hands of someone else. He told her to go and burn her bra somewhere else, before striding off into the shop.

Then, to add to the stress of the moment, the mum put her head inside the car and realised one of her boys had soiled his nappy.

"As I turned to the boys in the car there was an overwhelming smell. My heart sank. Then I decided to get even. I used my bad nappy for good."

The mum explained that she decided to use that nappy to exact justice for all the parents that have been messed around by selfish people like the man in the carpark.

"Yes that's right…I did it!!" she wrote. "I stuck my dirty nappy to his windscreen, securing it with his windscreen wiper.

"I felt instantly better! I'm just sorry I didn't have the time to hang round to see his reaction."

The Facebook post was met with overwhelming support, and has been shared nearly 3000 times.