Mum shares clever milk bottle hack to prevent spills

Photo: Katie Andersen / Facebook
Photo: Katie Andersen / Facebook 

When a little helper attempts to pour a big bottle of milk over their cereal, it will more often than not end in tears.

But one mum has come up with a clever hack that makes it easy for kids to sort out their own breakfasts, without fear of spills.

Katie Andersen from new Zealand worked out that the lid on a tomato sauce bottle fits perfectly on the top of a two-litre bottle of milk.

The narrow hole in the tomato sauce lid helps control the flow of milk, with less risk of it overshooting the bowl or cup. 

Since being posted on the Happy Mum Happy Child Facebook page last week, Andersen's tip has gone viral, shared more than a thousand times and picked up by media outlets all over the world.

Many on Facebook have praised the idea, with one writing: "That's such a great tip! For me as much as the independent toddler!"

"Good idea for when Bub wants to make her own cereal lol," wrote another. 

Some worried the tomato sauce flavour might infiltrate the milk, while others saw potential for disaster.


"So instead the milk is going to be squirted around the room," wrote one mum.

Another wrote, "My kids would be happy if the milk lid was on the tomato sauce bottle."

Photo: Katie Andersen / Facebook

Photo: Katie Andersen / Facebook