Mum asks if it is okay to ‘hide’ from her kids

Can they see me?
Can they see me? Photo: Shutterstock

We've all been there, you know, hiding in the pantry. Hardly moving a muscle, hoping that our kids don't find us, so we can simply grab a moment alone.

And we all know that there's no use going to the loo because they'll always follow us there, it's like they have an alarm that sets off every time we sit on the toilet seat.

One mum, at her wit's end, asked others on the Mumsnet parenting forum if she was being unreasonable for wanting to hide from her clingy toddler and all the mums replied - no she was being totally reasonable.

Duh, how else would you survive being a parent?

Sometimes it can all get too much as the mum wrote:

"I love him dearly, obviously, and he's generally a very easy baby but this week he's turned into an absolute cling monster and I'm at my wit's end," she said.

"I woke DH (Darling Husband) up earlier (sleeping after night shift) by bursting into tears when I couldn't find the sling as there is currently no other way of getting the baby to nap."

Meanwhile, her toddler was bouncing on the couch, eating chips and watching Netflix.

She asked if it would be unreasonable to wake her husband and hide from the kids.


And the response was really supportive.

Many offered her virtual glasses of wine, coffee and chocolate.

"You are not at all unreasonable. I often have to hide for a moment of sanity too. Nothing bad will happen whilst you are hiding, baby is happy and you have a moment to yourself," another mum wrote.

"You are being unreasonable. Children are b****y hard work and us mothers really don't get a lot of time away. Unless you're a lucky one. I'd wake the OH (Other Half) up whenever you need help, if you're really struggling then he will understand. Motherhood is a 24/7 job. No weekends off. No pay. No Christmas bonus. No holidays. No sick pay. No sleep," said another mum.

This mum also agreed and had a similar problem at her house: "Ultra clingy nap refusing 1 year old here, and rampant 3 year old who's determined to jump on sofa. Enjoy your coffee, just about to make one for myself. It's taken me 3 hours to finish eating my lunch."

Other commentators shared their own hiding stories.

"Today I've hidden round the corner of the door while I eat my toast and just keep poking my head around the doorframe to check my 11 month boys don't kill each other," said one person.

"I had a friend who used to sit IN the playpen when she wanted a 5 minute break. She could still see her kids but they couldn't climb all over her while she had her coffee!" said another.

And this mum does what we all do: "Oh my god I hide from my kids all the time especially if I want to eat chocolate."