Marathon dad sets world record for pushing kids in pram

Calum Neff likes to include his children when he runs marathons.
Calum Neff likes to include his children when he runs marathons. Photo: Instagram

Calum Neff loves running, and, like most dads, he loves his kids. So it made sense to combine his two loves by pushing his daughters in a pram while running in marathons. 

The Texan dad set his first world record – Fastest Half-Marathon Pushing a Pram – last year when he ran in the Katy Half Marathon with his 11-month-old daughter Holland. Eight months later, he broke another world record for running full marathon with a stroller – this time at the Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront Marathon, with his four-year-old daughter Allesandra.

Neff started running with his girls as a way to spend additional time with them and to motivate other parents to be more active with their children.


One year ago was the start of not only sharing my passion with my girls but sharing it with the world. Holland Rose turns two next weekend, so how is the lil world record holder doing? Well, she is quite the character with a deep mischievous chuckle. She crushes more pizza than her older sister and I'm sure she'll add beer to her talents when she's older. Her blonde hair has filled in that unicorn horn she was sporting last year. She loves everything running- stroller, videos, shoes and is getting fast on her feet. A typical terrible two when it comes to things she wants done her way (end of the world if it's not) but a lovely happy, healthy, strong, and loved girl. Only one more month till she becomes the middle daughter! ❤️ #tbt @guinnessworldrecords #worldrecord @thule #bringyourkids @epicbar #EPIC #katyhalf @altrarunning #ZeroLimits

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He started with 5km and 10km runs, working up to longer distances – all the while creating a bond with his daughters. He said the training gave the girls great preparation for sitting for long periods during the races.

"You don't have to be setting world records with your kids, but the fact that we were able to accomplish those records show that not only is it possible to be a dad, work a full-time job, and have a serious passion, but it's possible to do all of those at a very high level," Neff told Babble.

"Incorporating them into my exercise gives us time together that would otherwise be spent away from them."

He said the girls both did really well during the races and having a pram meant he could stash all the necessary food and hydration he needed to keep his energy levels up.

And he's not done yet, with his third child, Maya, born last month. "I think the next records will be done alongside Maya's cousin in a double stroller," he said.

And what do the other competitors think of him running with a pram?

Neff said running with a pram brought out the competitive streak in other "non-stroller runners".

"No one likes getting beat by a stroller," he said.