Little girl mistakes a stranger for Santa - and his response is perfect

 Photo: Getty Images

'Twas the week before Christmas and Santa Claus was doing some last-minute shopping in a US department store, where he was 'cornered' by a little girl.

Video published to the Reddit forums shows the girl running up to a man who resembles Father Christmas and asking him questions.

Realising he's been mistaken for the jolly fellow, the unidentified man rolls with it, asking: "have you been a good girl this year?".

What follows is a heartwarming exchange between the pair, with the little girl promising to leave some cookies out for him.

"You have to share them," she says.

"I have to share with the reindeer," the man tells her. "I get one, the reindeer get the rest."

The touching video has been viewed almost 2 million times on YouTube.