Little boy saves 21-month-old cousins drowning in pool

 Photo: Jeannie Kelley

A six-year-old Louisiana boy is being hailed a hero after pulling his two cousins out of a pool.

Branson Calhoun had been playing with his younger brother and 21-month-old cousins when he found them in the pool.

He guided his brother to safety when he noticed his cousins in the water.

Even though he couldn't swim, Branson jumped into the shallow end and pulled Isaac and Kaden Kelley out of the pool.

The twin's mother Jeannie Kelley said Branson had been playing hide-and-seek with her sons when he'd accidentally left a baby gate open, leaving the way open for them to wander to the pool.

"He went to the restroom and when he came back he noticed his own little brother was on the first step of the pool," she told ABC News.

"He saw that and went after him and when he did that he saw my boys in the pool."

Branson pulled them to safety and then started screaming for help, alerting the family to the potential tragedy unfolding.

"We ran out there and they were laying on the side of the pool and were completely blue and completely lifeless," Mrs Kelley said.


"My husband immediately fell down to his knees and started doing compressions and CPR. He is a first responder."

Less than one minute later and Kaden started to show a "slight response" and soon after, so did Isaac.

By the time the ambulance officers arrived both boys were "full-blown crying".

While the boys were being taken to hospital, she had a wonderful moment with one her sons.

"When we got into the helicopter Kaden sat up in my lap and said, 'Hi mama. I love you,'" Mrs Kelley said.

"I was so blown away. Ten minutes ago I thought I lost my baby and now he's talking to me."

She said it didn't take long for the boys to be smiling again.

"They were both playing and talking like nothing ever happened to them," she said.

"The doctors were just astounded. This is just a miracle."