Hilariously suggestive Wiggles toy has internet in stitches


If you've got Wiggles-loving kids, you might be tempted to grab a Blue Wiggle Anthony doll this Christmas, but be warned, it may come with a side of innuendo.

A Blue Wiggle doll has been photographed in a department store in New South Wales that has parents giggling and resharing all over the place.

Poor Anthony is holding a long, thin, flesh-coloured object in his hand near his crotch and – oh, why don't you take a look and see what you think it looks like.


Give it a wiggle

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Even more unsettling is "Try Me" in large letters right next to him.

It has the internet in hysterics.

"I can't unsee this," wrote one Instagram commenter.

"What's in his hands?!?!?" implored another.

Although "What's that flesh-coloured object Anthony's holding in his hand?" would make a fun Wiggles song, the answer is simple: it's a drumstick.

Nano Martinez, who took the photo and shared it on social media admitted to the Daily Mail that he moved Anthony's hand from its original position to take the shot. But still, you'd think it would be children's toy development 101 to know not to make toys that can so easily be manipulated into something suggestive.

"I just couldn't help myself," said Nano. "I think the stick itself already looked a bit suspect. I took the picture and placed it back to his old kid-friendly self."

It's hard to say whether this will damage sales of Blue Wiggle dolls this Christmas, or whether it will spark a flurry of purchases from those that think it's hilarious.