Hamish and Andy star in Play School, share 'behind the scenes' clip

The duo on the <i>Playschool</i> set.
The duo on the Playschool set. Photo: YouTube

As if Eddie Perfect wasn't enough of a reason for mums to sit down and watch Play School with their kids, now Hamish Blake and Andy Lee are set to make an appearance on the classic ABC show.

The comedy duo shared a sneak peek of the filming of their one-off appearance on Facebook and described the experience as "a definite career highlight".

Wearing Hawaiian shirts and sitting with tropical beach scenery behind them, Hamish and Andy are seen on set with Play School stalwart Little Ted.

"There's a hole in my bucket," Andy says while Hamish relaxes on a beach chair and sips a drink.

The one minute clip also shows the pair getting ready before going on set and discussing the show's script.

"Can't fix a bucket and Ham has to come in and solve it," Hamish jokes at Andy's expense.

"It's a true story, it's based on a true story where he couldn't fix a bucket for ages. Glad that horrible day at the beach I spent with him can be used in an educational sense for children."

The show, which will air later this year, should provide a ratings spike for Play School, which is celebrating its 50th birthday this year.

Thousands of Hamish and Andy devotees vowed to tune in for the pair's cameo appearance, even though they know no children of Play School watching age.

Some asked if Hamish's adorable son would be making an appearance alongside his famous father in the show.

But even if toddler Sonny doesn't get to star on screen, we are sure Hamish will score big brownie points with his little boy for befriending Little Ted.