5 things you'll miss when you pack away the pram for the last time

 Photo: Getty Images

There's a lot to love about no longer having a baby in the house, despite missing the delightfully chubby thighs and cheeks. No more nappy changes, a little more sleep (if you're lucky), and no more lugging around the pram or tripping over it in the hallway.

The problem is, however, when it comes to the pram, sometimes you don't know what you've got 'till it's gone.  

Allow me to explain ...

1. Bye bye shopping trolley:

When you park those wheels it's goodbye popping into the shops to pick up dinner with ease, hello trying to carry everything while you chase after an errant child. 

The convenience of having a trolley to stash bags, toys, food, numerous water bottles and hats, at all times is sorely missed when the pram disappears. 

2. Getting to places on time:

Yeah, see, your preschooler doesn't share Tom's view. Your little one has all the time in the world to get from the park back to the house. There are birds to chase, bugs to talk to and neighbourhood felines to pat. There are stones to collect and clouds to reflect upon. There's frolicking to be done, and one should never be forced to frolic under pressure.


And look, while I'm all for stopping to smell the roses (literally, obviously), not being able to strap your child in and dash from daycare back to the train station in time for the 8:37am is certainly a downside of packing away the wheels. Add an extra 23 minutes to your journey from now on, and you'll maybe, possibly, sometimes make it to your destination on time.

3. It's harder to squeeze in some exercise

If you enjoyed lots of long, leisurely pram walks (or jogs) while your kids were young, managing to squeeze in a solid half hour of exercise while your little one took in the world, it's a sad sad day when the pram disappears from your life. With a worldly preschooler in tow, power walking is but a distant memory, replaced by the meander (see point 2) or the high intensity sprint (see point 5).

4. Murphy's Law

Put the pram in retirement and your child will - without doubt - develop a case of I'm-Too-Tired-To-Walk-Itis. It's not an affliction they experienced very often prior to packing the pram away, but remove the option of being wheeled around at leisure and suddenly, it's all they'll want.

Cue epic tanties when they no longer want to walk. Anywhere. Ever. Again.

And to be fair, sometimes if you've been out all day, if you're hitting the theme parks, or the Easter Show, or the zoo, little people (and big people) sometimes just need a place to lay down. 

6.  Safety first

If you're raising a bolter, you'll lament the ability to strap your little Usain safely in the pram, completely out of harm's way. You'll wish you had eyes in the back of your head - and the back of your knees, and perhaps a few extra arms, too, when they're no longer safely restrained

Because once they've tasted freedom, it's all over. (Well sort of. See point 2.)