'Every kid sleeps with a scorpion, right?'

Nigh-night Photo: Instagram: @megankgale

While most kids cuddle up to a teddy bear, Megan Gale's son sleeps with a toy scorpion.

The Australian model and actress uploaded a picture of her three-year-old son, River, sleeping with his special toy, to her 401,000 followers on Instagram.

Alongside the black and white baby monitor image, she wrote the accompanying caption: "Everyone else's kid sleeps with a toy scorpion, right?"

If the answers she received are anything to go by, children everywhere are taking all kinds of things to bed each night.

"Mine slept with a toy ant for months. Now a dinosaur and pink galah!" wrote one Mum.

Another said their child sleeps with a soft cuttlefish and sloth.

Then there are the kids who sleep with toy lobsters, sharks, yabbies, snakes and a plush redback. And it gets stranger – a dog ball, thongs, avocado and one kid who sleeps with "an assortment of broken pencils".


Everyone else's kid sleeps with a toy scorpion, right? 🤣🦂

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"Mine went to bed with a collinder and wooden spoon," one mum wrote.


This parent's child also likes to take weird things to bed: "That's so cute. My son used to have a little frying pan."

And if you've ever wondered where all those Tupperware lids go: "My daughter sleeps with Tupperware. I keep finding all my lids in her bed".

Even comedian Rove McManus, who is married to author and actor Tasma Walton, chimed in. He wrote about their little girl Ruby's strange bedfellow: "Mine has an adorable Alien face-hugger. I am not kidding. #kindredspirits".

Gale, who is engaged to footballer Shaun Hampson, recently gave birth to their second child – Rosie May Dee Hampson.

In May, she shared a picture of River on his third birthday surrounded by birthday gifts – front and centre was his new toy scorpion. Obviously he adores it and there's nothing wrong with that.