Dad's genius hack for how to go shopping with a baby

Jordan Watson and his daughter at the shops.
Jordan Watson and his daughter at the shops.  Photo: YouTube

A dad has shared his genius hack for tackling Christmas shopping with toddlers.

And it's not just effective - it's guaranteed to make you smile.

Forget nappy bags, teething rusks and a change of clothes. According to Kiwi blogger "How to Dad" - aka Jordan Watson - this festive season you only need one thing to survive the hell that is shopping with kids: a balloon.

"You've got to be prepared for the big crowds," Watson tells us in his new video, affixing a bright red balloon to his adorable tot.

As she runs around the supermarket, balloon broadcasting her location, Watson demonstrates the true brilliance of his idea - sitting down to enjoy a bite to eat.

The plan works brilliantly, of course, until it doesn't.

Have a look at the video to see how it ends …