'Boys can be Emma': Emma Wiggle celebrates diversity with inclusive Instagram post

Photo: Emma Wiggle / Instagram
Photo: Emma Wiggle / Instagram 

There are many little boys who absolutely love dressing up as princesses, female superheroes, and yes, also as Emma Wiggle. 

In a heartwarming Instagram post celebrating the diversity of children and their ardent obsessions, Emma Wiggle has posted a picture of Lachy Wiggle with a yellow bow in his hair and holding a flamboyantly-decorated sign which reads, "Boys can be Emma".

It's a message many will agree is an important one. Emma's platform as a popular children's entertainer comes with the responsibility of empowering all children to embrace their individuality freely.

Emma's caption simply reads, "YES!"

It's a single word that holds a lot of weight considering the issues surrounding boys expressing themselves in anything but a traditionally-masculine way.


🌟👍🏼 YES!! 👍🏼🌟

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The post has received more than 1400 comments, the majority in support of Emma's nod towards all kids having the freedom to 'be her' in imaginative play, regardless of their sex.

"Yes! Being a mum of a boy and a girl it frustrates me to see the hypocrisy of it all. It's totally 'acceptable' when my daughter dresses up as something stereotypically male, but people lose their mind when my son dresses up as something stereotypically female. Who cares! They are PLAYING! Which is important for their development. We live in a bizarre world where the boys miss out when it comes to playing dress-ups! #boyscanbeemma #girlscanbelachy."

"The little 2 year old boy I nanny will not leave the house to go to ballet unless he has his Emma dress on. It's his favourite thing in the whole world and he would wear it everyday if he could."


"This is the sweetest, cutest thing ever from a boy mum that loves pink and "girl" stuff."

"My son wore an "Emma is my HomeGirl" T-shirt when we saw you in Anaheim! Definitely boys CAN be Emma!"

Unfortunately the post has also attracted some negativity.

"What?! Farewell Wiggles, it's been fun, but no. Boys can't be Emma." This comment received more than 40 rebuttals, however.

"If you're threatened by a small boy in a yellow bow or dress, you need to reassess your priorities."

"Can you believe some of the narrow minded comments on this post!? I love watching my little boy practise his Ballet with Emma."

Even Em Rusciano weighed in, posting in support of the yellow Wiggle.

"Emma darling, this is EPIC. Ignore any small and scared minds that come your way. It's truly them and not you", she wrote.

Emma's working towards a world in which every child feels comfortable to be completely themselves; a world in which little boys look to female role models; a world where boys are confident to emulate who they please.

And there are many applauding Emma's vision.



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