Baker wishes 2-year-old 'loser' a happy birthday in major cake fail

Photo: Melin Jones / Facebook
Photo: Melin Jones / Facebook 

Two-year-olds are lots of things, but 'losers' they are not, which makes this cakewreck all the more hilarious

US mum Melin Jones can see the funny side now, but the cake she picked up from her local Walmart for her two-year-old daughter Elizabeth had her fuming at the time.

Posting to a Facebook group along with a photo of her child 'Lizard' which is an affectionate nickname for Elizabeth, the mum-of-three wrote, "This actually happened in September and the whole thing is partly my fault too."

She explained, "My daughters name is Elizabeth, we call her Liz and her nickname is Lizard. I got her a cake at Walmart for her birthday. I told the lady to write "Happy Birthday Lizard."

"A few mins later she hands me the cake, I without looking at it (don't ask why, legit don't know why I didn't look) put it in the cart and go checkout," Melin recalls.

"As I'm unloading the car when we get home I look at the cake and noticed she put 'Happy Birthday loser'. Apparently she heard me wrong."

She continues, "I was pissed then but man it's funny now. The picture of my daughter looking at the cake kills me every time . She ended up getting a new cake and I ate every bit of that loser cake."

Melin is quick to clarify that Lizard was not aware of the mistake.
"For the record - she did get a new cake! No , she couldn't read and no we didn't tell her what it said (she wouldn't have understood anyway ) but I couldn't let her have a loser birthday cake."
The picture of the adorable, dejected-looking toddler makes this ripe meme material, which was pounced upon pretty quickly by amused group members.

The hilarious cake has even been made into a wearable pin by Roving House.

Photo: Roving House

Photo: Roving House