Baby goat acts like toddler on a sugar high: VIDEO

Buttermilk the excitable dwarf goat.
Buttermilk the excitable dwarf goat. 

Buttermilk is a 5-week old Nigerian dwarf goat. A very excitable Nigerian dwarf goat. This video of Buttermilk playing with his goat friends has had over 1.5 million hits on YouTube - and reminded us in the office of a toddler after a chocolate rampage. (Look, we know there is no scientific link between sugar and toddler behaviour, but most parents will swear otherwise!)

Buttermilk lives at the Took A Leap Farm in the US state of Maine where her owners - Kathryn Harnish Rob Lawless - are amazed by the popularity of Buttermilk's antics. Apparently, such behaviour is not unusual for this variety of goat.

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