Adorable songstress toddler gives alphabet her heart and soul

Violet Ogea performs an impressive version of the ABCs.
Violet Ogea performs an impressive version of the ABCs. Photo: Facebook

It's not your average toddler-style rendition of the alphabet - and maybe that's why it's been viewed more than 3.5 million times.

Two-year-old Violet Ogea has captured hearts around the world - and possibly the eyes of a few Broadway talent scouts - with her heartfelt performance of the ABCs.

The US toddler's mum, Christina Ogea, posted the clip on Facebook on Friday and it quickly went viral. 

"Every song she knows, she sings like this," Christina told The Huffington Post.

"The whole family really enjoys music so it's always playing in the house and she learns the songs when I sing to her rocking to sleep at night."

The video has been shared more than 59,000 times and has even caught the attention of Modern Family star Jesse Tyler Ferguson.

The actor, who has just finished a Broadway run himself, shared the clip on Facebook, saying: "I can't help but think this what Elaine Stritch was like as a child. Obsessed. #BigFinish."