'100 per cent worth it': Father ignites heated debate over putting a leash on his daughter


Having an active child is great - until you go out in public and the risk them running off and getting lost.

One father, who has a "wild child" daughter, has shared a picture of her on his Facebook page, igniting a heated debate about putting a leash on your children.

The picture, posted by father Clint Edwards on his popular page 'No Idea What I'm Doing: A Daddy Blog', started the heated debate among parents.

"We were at the farmers market. No shame. I put this kid on a leash," Edwards begins his post, saying his daughter is a "wild child", and the leash has already kept her away from several sticky situations.

"The real difficulty with having a wild child is that you are damned if you do, and damned if you don't," he observes. "Because the fact is, if I didn't put Aspen on a leash while at amusement parks, the zoo, a crowded mall, or the farmers market, she'd be the lost child announced over the intercom".

 "She'd be the kid popping up in every Facebook feed for wandering into a shopping centre parking lot, unattended. She could be the child climbing into the tiger cage. Because I can't, for the life of me, keep her from moving." He continues.

"Her curiosity is incredible, and for only having a 12 inch stride, she moves faster than any Olympian," he jokes.

Edwards admits he gets "dirty looks" from strangers when his daughter is on the leash,


"I'll probably get some 'I'm the perfect parent and this is why you suck' comments on this post." He says. "And to you I say this, 'I'm keep this kid safe while maintaining my piece of mind, and that is 100% worth it'"

"The reality is she'll calm down" he wrote. "She'll figure it out, because all kids do."

"But until that day comes, I'm going to do whatever I can to keep her out of danger, even if it means a leash," he finished the post.

Many parents agreed with the post, saying they understood how stressful it was having a 'runner'.

"If you know your kid is a runner and explorer. Let them explore in safety" one user wrote, suggesting "we need to change people view on the leash. Renaming is a good start"

Some parents said they used to be judgmental - until their own children got the running stage.

"I was a critic, too, UNTIL my son went from toddler to white tornado!" one mother said. "It for sure was a safety issue. You're a great dad, no judgement here!"

Although most of the posts are in favour of the leash, there were some comments telling Edwards he needs to "change his parenting style".

"Don't try and change your child," one angry mother wrote. "change your parenting style. If you can't control your child at all times, then you're not the parent you need to be".

Most of the parents agreed that at the end of the day, "it's better to be safe than sorry", saying if a leash is what helps do that, there's no judgement from them.

"You keep your child safe. That's all that matters," one mother summed up.