Holy fitted sheet: This parenting TikTok trend may be the funniest yet

Latest TikTok trend has parents in hysterics
Latest TikTok trend has parents in hysterics  Photo: TikTok

If there is any fairly mundane household item capable of sparking a heated debate it's the humble fitted sheet.

The bane of many people's existence and a saviour to others; the elasticised piece of fabric now has a new purpose — terrifying toddlers. 

TikTok user hotsykhotsy posted a video of her husband bundled up in a fitted sheet with just his head poking out.

Delighted, her son runs towards him when —BAM— he stretches out his arms and legs (conveniently nestled in the sheets corners) and engulfs his son. Kind of like a human venus fly trap.

And parents are loving it.

Captioning the video, "how to terrorise your kid with a fitted sheet," the mum-of-two jokingly wrote, adding that her son "will never trust a fitted sheet again."

Although we're pretty sure he will definitely be able to see the fun in it.

The clip has garnered over five million likes and 44,000 comments, mainly from parents saying they can't wait to try it out with their little ones.


"Now I know what to do with my sheets instead of folding them," laughed one woman.

"The blanket monster is real," exclaimed another.

"Currently questioning the intentions of the top right corner of my bed sheet that keeps popping off," joked one user.

The video has kicked off a hilarious fitted sheet trend, with people posting their own attempts, and we're not disappointed.

Check out some of the best below.


And this is how you parent 😂 Idea @hotsykhotsy

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Omggggg @hotsykhotsy this was way too much fun. ##boymom ##momsoftiktok ##IsThisAvailable ##FitnessRoutine

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PARENTING 101 (how to terrorize your toddler with a fitted sheet) IB@hotsykhotsy #dadsoftiktok #fyp #foryou #Wee

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Our #daddydaughter game just leveled up. Thanks @hotsykhotsy ! #toddlersoftiktok #dadsoftiktok #Wee #WeirdPets

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😂😂😂 inspired by @hotsykhotsy I'm dead. who knew my reflexes were this fast... #momsoftiktok

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