Games to play with toddlers

Play is a vital part of growing up and helps your child engage and learn about the world!
Play is a vital part of growing up and helps your child engage and learn about the world! 

Here are some games toddlers love to play, each involve simple items from around the house.

1. Hide and seek is always a favourite. Hide behind the furniture or drape chairs with rugs, but stay away from doors where little fingers can easily get trapped.

2. Grouping objects. Put eight objects on the floor-four red blocks and four red balls, or four wooden spoons and four wooden pegs. Let your toddler play with the items and watch what she does. Join in and move the objects into two groups, talking about what you are doing as you go along. Take one of the red blocks and put it to one side saying "Can you find me another red block?" She may not get the hang of it the first time-or for some time. Just let her play until she is tired of the objects - letting her lead the play.
3. Tunnels. You can use small boxes, such as shoe boxes, or large boxes from the supermarket. Cut a tunnel in each end. Cars, small toys and dolls drive, roll and walk through the small tunnels and toddlers can wriggle through larger boxes! You can also make a tunnel by draping a rug between two chairs. Turn it into a game that you can all play.
4. Where's the toy? Sit down with your toddler, a small box, a hand towel and a toy. Show him the toy, then put it under the box. Now put the towel on top. Under the towel turn the box over and bring it out from under the towel, leaving the toy behind. Ask baby where the toy is. Then ask him to find it. You will need to do it again-and again, and again!.

5.Build block towers with your toddler. Sort the blocks into colours, talking about what you are doing. Line them up side by side and then watch what your toddler does. Use words that describe the building activity, like "beside", "under", "next to", "on top".

6. Don't forget to read a book each day. Books with large bright pictures and simple stories are ideal. If you don't know how to choose, ask at your local library.

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