Finger paint

Get Messy!
Get Messy! 

Finger Paints:

When you are crafting it up with your little one, getting messy with finger painting, it is one less thing to worry about if you know it’s safe and non-toxic if your child happens to stick their paint-covered fingers in their mouths. Here are some fun “edible” finger paint recipies. You may have these ingredients in your pantry already, so pop an art smock on your kids and get mixing, cooking and painting.

NB. these measurements are approximate and not fine dining recipes so go by feel - it's finger paint after all!

Basic cooked flour finger paint:
2cups Flour
4cups Water
Food Colouring

Mix flour and water in a pot over a low heat till thick. Cool. Add a pinch of salt.
Divide and add colour.
Can be stored in covered jar in the fridge for a month or two.

Jelly finger paint:
1 packet jelly (any flavour/colour)
Hot water

Mix packet of jelly with enough hot water, little by little until mixture is consistency of paint.
Allow to cool.
You can also divide and add colour to create new colours.

Pudding finger paint:
Instant vanilla pudding
Food colouring

Mix according to directions on pack.
Divide and add colours.

Powdered milk finger paint:
½ cup powdered milk
½ cup water
Food colouring

Mix together.
Divide and add colour.

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