Toddlers: developmental milestones

toddler milestones
toddler milestones 

It is important to realise that a child's developmental progress does vary greatly, and is not a race! Some children may miss out on developmental milestones all together - such as crawling. The following information is not intended to be a checklist, but it provides a general outline of the usual developmental progress for the age of your child.

Babies and infants will develop at differing levels depending on factors including their emotional and physical health. If you have any concerns about your child's development, talk to your GP or early childhood nurse. The development lists below are based on the end of each month, so give you baby the full month to work on their new skills!

By 12 months:

  • Pull up to standing position
  • Get into a sitting position
  • Move from place to place, always holding on
  • Clap hands (play pat-a-cake)
  • Indicate wants in ways other than crying

Your baby by 13 months you baby will probably be able to: Put an object into a container, stand alone, imitate activities and use one recognisable word.

Your baby by 13 months your baby may possibly be able to: point to a desired object, drink from a cup, use two recognisable words, scribble and walk well.

By 14 months:

  • Wave bye-bye
  • Stand alone
  • Use mama and dada intentionally
  • Follow a one-step verbal command

Your toddler by 14 months will probably be able to walk well and bend over to pick up an object and may possibly be able to dump an object in imitation and use three words.


By 16 months:

  • Scribble
  • Imitate activity

Your toddler by 16 months may possibly be able to use six words and run.

By 18 months:

  • Use three words
  • Drink from a cup

Your toddler by 18 months will probably be able to use a fork or spoon (but not exclusively) and point to a body part when asked.

By 20 months:

  • Run
  • Dump an object in imitation

Your toddler may possibly be able to combine words, identify one picture by naming, throw a ball overhand, use 50 words or more and name six body parts.

By 22 months:

  • Walk up steps
  • Use six words

Your toddler probably will be able to build a tower of four cubes and follow a two-step command without gestures. Your toddler may possibly be able to wash & dry hands and may even be able to jump.

By 2 years:

  • Take off an article of clothing
  • 'Feed' a doll
  • Build a tower of four cubes
  • Identify two items in a picture by pointing

Your toddler will probably be able to speak and be understood half the time, identify four items in a picture by pointing and build a tower of six cubes. Your toddler may even be able to carry on a conversation of two or three sentences and draw a vertical line in imitation.

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