Toddler's adorable alphabet goes viral

The alphabet has never been cuter.
The alphabet has never been cuter.  Photo: Getty Images

It's impossible not to share this little boy's excitement about the alphabet - especially when he gets to W.

A video of a toddler, who has Down syndrome, reciting his ABCs has gone viral since his proud grandmother posted it on Facebook.

US woman Pam Gables Sapp shared the video of two-year-old John David on Facebook on January 24 and it has already been viewed more than 15 million times.


Best ABC's I ever heard! Wait for the W . The Bell Center for Early Intervention Programs

Posted by Pam Gables Sapp on Sunday, January 24, 2016

The little boy is seen repeating the alphabet perfectly and only pauses for a few seconds when he reaches 'W'. But even that slightly tricky letter doesn't stop him and the toddler quickly breezes through the rest of the alphabet before clapping his hands in excitement.

John David's parents Hannah and Cameron Marlin have been taking their son to speech programs since he was a baby.

"People have a perception of Down syndrome, that it's something that will hold them back. He has met such a milestone and it's just amazing to watch." Mrs Gables Sapp told ABC News.

"There's so much more that we don't know that he can do... he has been such a joy to our lives."