Chrissy Teigen learns the truth about the terrible twos

What is worse? Terrible twos, or threenagers?
What is worse? Terrible twos, or threenagers? Photo: Instagram/Chrissy Teigen

​Parenting is a tough gig, and nobody seems to communicate that better than Chrissy Teigen, whose tweets sum up the entire parenting experience with a wit and humour the rest of us sleep-deprived zombies can only dream of.

Chrissy's latest target is three-year-olds. Well, more specifically, that trick people play on mums where they talk about the terrible twos, and then, when our children turn three we find out that three is even worse.

Chrissy recently tweeted "I have discovered a mother's favorite thing to say: 'it's not terrible twos it's terrible THREES.'"

And then she added a slightly crazed, "ahahahahah," because we all know that's how parenting a three-year-old makes you feel.

She then followed up the first tweet with a second, emphasising her point nicely.

Because it's true, isn't it. We're all warned about the terrible twos, but then when our kids turn three, suddenly someone remembers to tell you to beware of the threenager. Or you find out yourself the hard way.

Three-year-olds are truly terrifying. They're as angry as two-year-olds, but they're more skilled in the fine motor department, and they have the ability to shout louder and longer.

And all those parents who thought they dodged a bullet with their mild-mannered two-year-old find out those toddlers were just biding their time and planning their attack.


Plenty of parents answered Chrissy's tweets in solidarity. And some also warned of the stresses that come with all ages throughout childhood.

What we know for sure is that parenting is stressful at any age. There is no magic moment when kids stop making their parents crazy, we just need to find a way of making peace with the constant stress. Lucky they're cute.