Video: Two-year-old tells mum off for laughing at her

 Photo: YouTube

Little kids are still singing hits from the Disney movie, Frozen. But this little girl's wish to sing all of them doesn't quite go as she would've liked. 

Dressed as Elsa, the two-year-old starts to sing, but she's soon interrupted by her mum laughing.

In a thick Northern Irish accent, the child shouts at her mum in a very serious tone: "Will you stop laughing at me?

"You're going to choke if you laugh at me."

Her mother quickly apologises, allowing for her daughter to resume her performance, but she can't help herself and continues to giggle. This earns her a stern warning from her kid about not interrupting people.

"You are being a very bold girl ... Do you want to send to your room and sleep by yourself?

"And nobody will ever see you again.

"And then you'll go to the naughty step and the man will take you away."

Maybe a few too many Disney movies for this kid ...