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Time to start introducing the potty or toilet to your toddler and not sure where to start? Here is our section on toilet trainng with expert advice, other mum's experiences, and forums to share and ask advice from other mums.

Why I'm kind of excited about my daughter's nits

Bryony Gordon Is it weird to say that I am secretly thrilled to find that my daughter Edie has nits?

Toddler freed after getting trapped in escalator

Kelsey Wilkie A shopping centre escalator needed to be pulled apart to free a toddler's trapped hand.

End of an era: no more childcare

We questioned if we were doing the right thing for our children; we needn't have worried.

KYLIE ORR As we reach the end of 2014, we're closing the book on many things for another year, most notably childcare. Our last child has attended childcare for the very last time.

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Stop telling us that parenting gets harder

I’m sure that parenting will get harder. But life isn’t exactly smooth sailing right now, either.

CATHERINE RODIE I’m sure that parenting will get harder. But life isn’t exactly smooth sailing for many of us right now, either.

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Can you teach a toddler to sleep in?

CATHERINE RODIE Parents share their tips on getting their early risers to sleep in, even for just a little bit longer.

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Video: Tallulah, 2, cuts her own hair

girl hair

Jen Ng This funny video shows a little girl who has just been caught cutting off her own hair.

'You poked my heart': Video shows cutest argument you'll see today


Is it sprinkling or is it raining? This seemingly simple question is the focus of a lively debate between two young children in a video that has stolen the hearts of millions around the world.


Metal shards found in Sydney playground

Some of the pieces of metal found at the playground.

LETITIA ROWLANDS Pieces of sharp metal have been found protruding from rubber matting and scattered across equipment at a Sydney playground.

Sleep or ice-cream? Life's tough choices

sleep ice cream

It is one of life's most difficult decisions - what's more important, sleep or ice-cream?

The anatomy of a nap

<i>Family Matters</i> is on sale now.

Pat McDermott From the beginning my children took as their motto: "the only good adult is a wide-awake adult." To them, a sleeping parent means a child is not doing their job.

Keep calm and ignore the Tantrum Trolls

crying boy

JESSICA RUDD Tantrum Trolls are a small but growing species of predatory bottom-feeders who delight in picking on parents at their most vulnerable.

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When it begins to look a lot like Christmas

When is the right time to start the Christmas countdown?

MATT CALMAN A child's excitement at Christmas time is a beautiful thing, but one dad ponders whether his toddler daughter is getting into the festive mood a bit too soon.


Those special moments of sibling bonding


MATT CALMAN Every now and then your child does or says something that is truly memorable.

The tragedy of losing a favourite teddy bear

KYLIE ORR We were green and uninitiated, perhaps a little naïve when it came to the favourite toy responsibility.

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What parents really want for their kids

What's your biggest wish for your child's future?

JODIE BENVENISTE Are our hopes, dreams and expectations for our children what they really need?

Video: Sweet toddler gets emotional while watching animated film

Jen Ng This video of a compassionate little girl crying as she watches a movie about a lost penguin is adorable.


Dad's adorable LED Minnie Mouse costume for daughter

Glowy Zoey's Minnie Mouse costume.

Melanie Mahoney Oh, boy! Glowy Zoey's LED Minnie Mouse costume sure is magical.

New app helping in the search for childcare

Parents can use a new app to see whether there childcare centre has available spots.

Gayle Bryant A new app is allowing childcare centres to manage absences and available spots with ease. It even promises to help families save money!

When should you tell your child you're having a baby?

toddler pregnant

JO HARTLEY Becoming a big brother or sister isn’t a responsibility to be taken lightly. So when should you tell your child you're expecting again?


Best picks for baby and toddler shoes


Babyology Here's a great selection of footwear from pre-walker to walker ensuring comfort and style for growing feet.

What toddlers say versus what they really mean


Ariane Beeston The thing about toddlers is that what they say isn’t always what they mean. That would be far too easy and they’re complicated little creatures.


One month later: where is William Tyrell?

Missing: William Tyrell.

MELANIE MAHONEY It has been a little over a month since William Tyrell disappeared from his grandmother’s home, 33 long sleepless nights for his family as they mourn the absence of their cheeky young boy.

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Forget the trends, let's get back to commonsense parenting

mum toddler

MICHAELA FOX Forget the new 'Lawnmower' parenting trend; try using plain old-fashioned commonsense instead.

Woman in psychiatric assessment after alleged child abduction attempt


Louise Hall A woman who allegedly attempted to abduct a toddler from her mother's car has been referred for a psychiatric assessment.

Your kids are changing - are you?

Effective parenting requires us to be adaptable at every stage.

JODIE BENVENISTE Our children are always changing, and we need to grow with them, says psychologist Jodie Benveniste.

Are we too soft on our kids? How to get the balance right


JODIE BENVENISTE Changing times mean new parenting approaches have emerged, so how can we find the balance between being too strict and too soft on our kids?

Does stay-at-home parenting get better?

Patricia Tan Parenting doesn’t ever get easier; the challenges just change. But the challenges of caring for young children definitely lessens as they get older.

The last days of babyhood


MATT CALMAN The transformation's happened gradually, but it also seems like an overnight thing. My little baby isn't a little baby anymore.

Royals sue paparazzi for 'preying' on Prince George

Privacy concerns: Prince William, Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge, and Prince George.

Gordon Rayner Photographers accused of carrying out "surveillance" on the Queen's great-grandson Prince George are the target of legal action by the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge.

16 parenting truths you won't find in the baby books

It’s not just the early days of parenting that are challenging.

MICHAELA FOX I am five years into this parenting gig and I’ve learnt that sleepless nights and changing dirty nappies are child’s play.

The casualties of toddlerhood


Ariane Beeston Despite child-proofing and supervising, accidents and mishaps still happen when little people are involved. Consequently, the list of causalities from my son’s baby and toddlerhood is long.

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'Gentle parenting' explained: no rewards, no punishments, no misbehaviour

parent child

Rebecca English Positive discipline (also known as gentle parenting) uses neither rewards nor punishments; children are encouraged to practice good behaviour for its own sake.

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'Go the F*** to Sleep' author's new book for frustrated parents

Voice of many: <i>You Have to F---ing Eat</i> is teh sequel to the hugely popular 2011 children's book parody <i>Go the F--- to Sleep.</i>

SARAH THOMAS A sequel is coming soon to the 2011 hit book 'Go the F*** to Sleep' - and this time, it's about mealtimes.


Video: Two-year-old tells mum off for laughing at her


Jen Ng This little girl is not happy that her mum started laughing during her performance - so she tells her exactly how she feels about it.


Coping with a bolter

run girl

MATT CALMAN My 15-month-old has suddenly added a burst of real speed to her toddle. She should be classed a flight risk.


Building on your child's character strengths

What are the character strengths you love in your kids?

JODIE BENVENISTE Character strengths are what bring us alive. When we're using our strengths we feel good about ourselves, and we have a positive impact on others.

Kids, TV and movies: how young is too young?

A child watching TV.

PAUL BYRNES It seems you don't have to throw the TV and iPad out the window - it all boils down to moderation, supervision and interaction.

The day Supernanny came to tea

jo frost

Bryony Gordon Prince William's favourite celebrity child trainer Jo Frost puts Bryony Gordon and her toddler through their paces.

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The battle of iParenting versus imagination


JESSICA RUDD Have we forgotten how to be imaginative, resourceful parents?

When your child's carer seems to be number one


DANIELLE COLLEY Of course we want our children to form bonds with other carers. But what happens when these bonds can cause feelings of guilt and jealousy?

Saying no to the 'crap' parent label

flower child

LETITIA ROWLANDS Nobody is the perfect parent, but is it fair to label parents "crap" because their children aren't perfect angels 24 hours of the day?


Dressing to not impress: life through the eyes of a three-year-old


KYLIE ORR When it comes to getting dressed, my three-year-old has only one criterion: “I don’t want to look beautiful.” And now I've worked out why.


Inside the brain of a tantruming toddler

crying girl

Meghan Leahy What's going on in your child's mind in the lead-up to a tantrum? And what’s the best way to respond?

Bomb threat at daycare centre


Letitia Rowlands Worried parents took to social media yesterday after their children's daycare was evacuated due to a bomb threat.

10 weird things little kids do


VICTORIA BIRCH Most kids have their own personal brand of oddity. It's usually nothing to worry about, but every now and again you might find yourself scratching your head and asking, “Really? Is that really a thing?”


Parenting lessons I’ve yet to learn

mum son

KIRAN CHUG Instead of writing about the stuff I do know since becoming a mum, I thought I'd share some of the things I don't. These are the lessons that motherhood hasn't taught me.


The moment a pram rolled off a London Tube platform and onto the tracks

Tube pram

LETITIA ROWLANDS A momentary lapse in attention almost resulted in tragedy when a toddler was left stranded on railway tracks.

Video: When adults act like children

Letitia Rowlands Ever wondered what would happen if adults were allowed to act like children? This dad's hilarious video clip will give you an idea of what life would be like.

How a comforter or transitional object helps your toddler


JO HARTLEY At times of confusion or overwhelming feelings, special objects such as favourite blankets and cuddly toys can be a great help to young kids.


Sophie-May Dixon on why she spray tans her daughters Princess Bliss and Precious Bell

Sophie May Dixon

LETITIA ROWLANDS Forget trips to the park or play centre. This mum prefers to take her daughters, aged just two and four, to the beauty salon.

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Toilet Training

Is your child ready? Looking for the signs and getting started

Challenging Behaviour & Discipline Techniques

Coping with tears, tantrums and trying times


Toddler Growth Chart

Compare your baby's length and weight for age against the World Health Organization's standard growth charts for children aged 0-3 years.

WIN an exclusive performance from Sam Moran!

To celebrate the release of children’s musical series Play Along with Sam, out now on DVD, we’re giving one lucky parent the chance to have Sam perform at their child’s pre-school or day care!

Toddler freed after getting trapped in escalator

A shopping centre escalator needed to be pulled apart to free a toddler's trapped hand.

Why I'm kind of excited about my daughter's nits

Is it weird to say that I am secretly thrilled to find that my daughter Edie has nits?

Baby born at 10:11 on 12-13-14

Well, it's actually 13-12-14 to us over here. But still, Clare Elizabeth Keane's consecutive numerical birth time is pretty special.

On holding tightly and loving fiercely

We can't live in fear. This post is about Christmas and how at this time we should be celebrating life and grateful for what we have: our loved ones who we cherish fiercely.

Babies, relatives and coping with Christmas day

Everyone will love your baby but your baby may not be so happy to be passed around a lot of new people - nor may you want to feed with an audience.

Why I won't be posting pictures of my baby on Facebook

There are pros and cons to this policy.

The myths and truths of gender swaying

Here are a few popular methods hopeful parents-to-be use to try to get a baby of their preferred gender – and what an expert says about whether they really work.

10 easy DIY Christmas decoration ideas

It's officially time to get into the Christmas spirit. Why not branch out when you put up your tree this year and add a personal touch with a few DIY decorations? We've found the perfect easy-to-make ways to put more festive fever into your home.

The dangerous new trend of glucose challenge test refusal

A dangerous trend is seeing more mothers-to-be declining a relatively simple and painless test to check for gestational diabetes.

Office of Fair Trading reveals naughty toys ahead of Christmas

The Office of Fair Trading has pulled seven toys from shelves ahead of Christmas after they fail safety tests.

Video: Baby boy's trouble with twins

These twin girls will no doubt have fun fooling people in years to come, but nobody will be as confused as baby Landon.

Long-term reversible male contraceptive on its way

Men could soon have access to an injectable long-term contraceptive which works in a similar way to a vasectomy but promises to be easily reversed.

'I tried to kill my baby': one mum's story

After bathing and dressing her three-month-old son, Amanda had a rare moment alone with her baby.

Attack of the 'mummy brain'

I feel that almost every day, someone in my life - be they a friend, family member or complete stranger - feels the need to excuse my behaviour as I have other things on my mind.

Mum of baby who fell ill after drinking raw milk speaks out

A Melbourne mother has described how her son turned grey when he became seriously ill after drinking raw milk.

Australian divorce rate lowest since 1976

Modern newlyweds are now well into their 30s and marriage still offers something powerful a new book argues.

The aftermath of a traumatic birth experience

In Australia, 30 per cent of women find their birth experience traumatic, with 6 per cent going on to develop post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).

Young mum burns 'from inside-out'

A young mum is in intensive care after she took a friend's antibiotic and wound up with an ailment that is burning her body 'from the inside-out'.

The disagreement that can break a relationship

If he doesn't change his mind, all I can hope is that I will. It would be a waste to spend the rest of my marriage mourning a baby that never was.

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Got bored kids? Quickly find the best activities for kids wherever you are in Australia with the Essential Kids app.

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Co-sleeping or no-sleeping? Mum videos worst nap ever

One mother's futile attempt to sleep in caught on camera in a hilarious - and very cute - video.

Why children misbehave during the festive season

While we all like to imagine the holiday season as being a fun, loving and bonding experience; often our reality is quiet different.

I was fat-shamed by my doctor

The fear of being weighed is the most significant factor in women cancelling medical appointments - and now weight-shaming has happened to me.

End of an era: no more childcare

As we reach the end of 2014, we're closing the book on many things for another year, most notably childcare. Our last child has attended childcare for the very last time.

WIN an exclusive performance from Sam Moran!

To celebrate the release of children’s musical series Play Along with Sam, out now on DVD, we’re giving one lucky parent the chance to have Sam perform at their child’s pre-school or day care!

The 7-year itch is more like the 10-year itch: study

Contrary to popular belief, making it past the seven-year mark doesn't mean your marriage will be smooth sailing from there on.

Should children be forced to sit on Santa's lap?

We teach kids it’s okay to say no if they don’t feel safe, so why do some parents force their children to climb in to Santa's lap?

Stop telling us that parenting gets harder

I’m sure that parenting will get harder. But life isn’t exactly smooth sailing for many of us right now, either.

Baby born weighing almost 14 pounds

Yes, the bouncing baby girl was born by caesarean section. And mum says no more kids.

The dummy debate

I'm the first to admit that when I used to see tiny babies with dummies in their mouths, I thought "Hmm, lazy parenting." And now I apologise.

How many weeks til Christmas?

On your To-Do list

Get the "Santa" shopping done without the kids in tow.