Toilet Training


Time to start introducing the potty or toilet to your toddler and not sure where to start? Here is our section on toilet trainng with expert advice, other mum's experiences, and forums to share and ask advice from other mums.

The casualties of toddlerhood


Ariane Beeston Despite child-proofing and supervising, accidents and mishaps still happen when little people are involved. Consequently, the list of causalities from my son’s baby and toddlerhood is long.

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'Gentle parenting' explained: no rewards, no punishments, no misbehaviour

parent child

Rebecca English Positive discipline (also known as gentle parenting) uses neither rewards nor punishments; children are encouraged to practice good behaviour for its own sake.


'Go the F*** to Sleep' author's new book for frustrated parents

Voice of many: <i>You Have to F---ing Eat</i> is teh sequel to the hugely popular 2011 children's book parody <i>Go the F--- to Sleep.</i>

SARAH THOMAS A sequel is coming soon to the 2011 hit book 'Go the F*** to Sleep' - and this time, it's about mealtimes.


Video: Two-year-old tells mum off for laughing at her


Jen Ng This little girl is not happy that her mum started laughing during her performance - so she tells her exactly how she feels about it.


Coping with a bolter

run girl

MATT CALMAN My 15-month-old has suddenly added a burst of real speed to her toddle. She should be classed a flight risk.


Building on your child's character strengths

What are the character strengths you love in your kids?

JODIE BENVENISTE Character strengths are what bring us alive. When we're using our strengths we feel good about ourselves, and we have a positive impact on others.

Kids, TV and movies: how young is too young?

A child watching TV.

PAUL BYRNES It seems you don't have to throw the TV and iPad out the window - it all boils down to moderation, supervision and interaction.

The day Supernanny came to tea

jo frost

Bryony Gordon Prince William's favourite celebrity child trainer Jo Frost puts Bryony Gordon and her toddler through their paces.

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The battle of iParenting versus imagination


JESSICA RUDD Have we forgotten how to be imaginative, resourceful parents?

When your child's carer seems to be number one


DANIELLE COLLEY Of course we want our children to form bonds with other carers. But what happens when these bonds can cause feelings of guilt and jealousy?

Saying no to the 'crap' parent label

flower child

LETITIA ROWLANDS Nobody is the perfect parent, but is it fair to label parents "crap" because their children aren't perfect angels 24 hours of the day?


Dressing to not impress: life through the eyes of a three-year-old


KYLIE ORR When it comes to getting dressed, my three-year-old has only one criterion: “I don’t want to look beautiful.” And now I've worked out why.


Inside the brain of a tantruming toddler

crying girl

Meghan Leahy What's going on in your child's mind in the lead-up to a tantrum? And what’s the best way to respond?

Bomb threat at daycare centre


Letitia Rowlands Worried parents took to social media yesterday after their children's daycare was evacuated due to a bomb threat.

10 weird things little kids do


VICTORIA BIRCH Most kids have their own personal brand of oddity. It's usually nothing to worry about, but every now and again you might find yourself scratching your head and asking, “Really? Is that really a thing?”


Parenting lessons I’ve yet to learn

mum son

KIRAN CHUG Instead of writing about the stuff I do know since becoming a mum, I thought I'd share some of the things I don't. These are the lessons that motherhood hasn't taught me.


The moment a pram rolled off a London Tube platform and onto the tracks

Tube pram

LETITIA ROWLANDS A momentary lapse in attention almost resulted in tragedy when a toddler was left stranded on railway tracks.

Video: When adults act like children

Letitia Rowlands Ever wondered what would happen if adults were allowed to act like children? This dad's hilarious video clip will give you an idea of what life would be like.

How a comforter or transitional object helps your toddler


JO HARTLEY At times of confusion or overwhelming feelings, special objects such as favourite blankets and cuddly toys can be a great help to young kids.


Sophie-May Dixon on why she spray tans her daughters Princess Bliss and Precious Bell

Sophie May Dixon

LETITIA ROWLANDS Forget trips to the park or play centre. This mum prefers to take her daughters, aged just two and four, to the beauty salon.

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New app keeps tabs on your kids at childcare


RACHEL BROWNE Popular new technology lets parents know what their children are up to at childcare - but not everyone is a fan.


Kid-friendly hairdressers: who says haircuts can’t be fun?

haircut child

KYLIE ORR I’ve found some salons who boast setups ideal for children – you name it, they’ve thought of it. All are designed to make haircuts fun rather than stressful.


Help! My toddler tears her hair out

toddler swing

John Rosemund Our two-year-old has started pulling her hair out, sometimes in handfuls. What can we do to stop her?

Stay-at-home parents need childcare assistance too

Warning: Disadvantaged will be left behind if proposal to restrict childcare subsidies goes ahead.

RACHEL BROWNE A plan to restrict the childcare benefit to working parents will punish children of non-working parents who have an equal right to early childhood education, according to experts

Two-year-old boy goes missing from childcare centre

escape child

Letitia Rowlands A mother is angry after her toddler son went missing from his childcare centre, only to be returned by a good Samaritan who found the boy wandering near a busy road.


Becoming comfortable with my discipline style


Sharon M. Smith I have found my discipline philosophy. So I’m going to stop this little act I put on for others, and start doing what works for us.

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How I failed the sippy cup test

sippy cup

LETITIA ROWLANDS Celebrity UK nanny Emma Jenner has listed five ways in which modern day parents are failing. But perhaps it's okay to not be the "perfect" parent, after all.

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Help! My toddler is a head-banger

yelling toddler

When he throws a tantrum, my 20-month-old often gets down on the floor and starts banging his head. What should I do?

When good kids say bad words

redhead boy

JO HARTLEY “Oh, bugger!” exclaimed my three-year-old son. It was the start of conversations I knew we all needed to have.

The lies we tell each other about childcare

child care child

Marisa Black I was deeply conflicted about putting my son in childcare – until a backward glance put my mind at ease.

Dealing with toddler sleep regression


CATHERINE RODIE Although toddler sleep problems can be frustrating for parents they are actually perfectly normal.

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The two-year-old cheerleading star

emerson decker

Melanie Mahoney A two-year-old has become an internet sensation after a video of her performing a cheer stunt with her dad went viral.

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Making the move from a cot to a bed

toddler sleep

Jess Dehaven Transitioning from the cot to a "big kid" bed is a rite of passage for toddlers and their parents - but it can also become a battleground.

Video: Two-year-old falls asleep at the wheel

baby asleep tractor

Melanie Mahoney A two-year-old has shown that it’s possible for a toddler to fall asleep while driving – and not even crash.

Is there any harm in baby shaming?

baby shaming

CATHERINE RODIE Is baby shaming just a new way of sharing the everyday frustrations of parenting, or is it something we should be concerned about? Parents and experts share their opinions.

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The difference a good childcare worker can make


Naomi Tsvirko My daughter’s first day of childcare was one of the hardest days of my life, but I took comfort in the fact that she had a strong connection with a particular teacher.

When your child bites

Smiling girl

Kathy Lauer-Williams The daycare where my son goes called to tell me that he has been biting other children. I am really embarrassed by this. Is this normal? How can I stop him from biting?

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Video: Toddler sings the blues

luca blues

He’s not even two yet, and may not have much of a vocabulary, but little Luca sure knows how to sing the blues.

How you develop as the parent of a toddler


Jodie Benveniste The toddler years are a major stage in your child’s development, but also mark a time when you develop further as a parent.

8 things every parent needs to know about tantrums


Josefa Pete Nothing joins parents in unity more than the tantrum; there’s the same fear in their eyes as they stare at their little one spinning uncontrollably in a frenzy. Not universal, however, is our expectations of these tantrums.

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Coping with the dualities of motherhood


Krys Saclier Parenting is two different things at once: I love my children so much and can't bear the thought of being without them, and at the same time, I desperately want some time to myself.


'Convos with my three-year-old' tackles a tricky question

coco clarke

It's the season premiere of 'Convos with my 3-year-old' - and in this episode, the dad and daughter duo are discussing butts. Specifically, butt cracks.

5 autism simulations to help explain sensory overload


Matt Petronzio Noted autism activist Temple Grandin famously said, "I am different, not less." These video simulations help further that understanding of living with autism spectrum disorder (ASD).

Mother bites off pit bull's ear to save toddler

camp chelsi

LETITIA ROWLANDS What would you do if your child was being attacked by a vicious dog? One mother recently had to learn the hard way.

The milestones I can't wait to celebrate

sun hat boy

JO HARTLEY Nothing can beat the feeling of witnessing that first smile, first step and first word - but here's a list of 'firsts' I'm really looking forward to now.

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Mum's heartbreak as son dies in road accident

The little boy who died in Westmead on April 15, 2014

EMMA PARTRIDGE Daly Thomas and her two young sons were walking home from church on Tuesday afternoon. Her youngest son never made it.

Man charged over alleged abduction of girl in Childers

Allegedly abducted child

SIMON O'BRIEN A man has been charged over the alleged abduction of a child from Childers in South East Queensland.

Caring for kids helps grandmothers stay mentally alert


LETITIA ROWLANDS Looking after grandchildren can help grandmothers ward off brain disease - but it's also possible to get too much of a good thing, researchers say.

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In defence of mums on the phone

phone baby

KIRAN CHUG I know news stories always attract a range of opinions, and I know they're a place for people to have an anonymous dig in. However, I also know that this mum bashing has to stop.

What’s in your parenting toolbox?

baby mum

PINKY MCKAY So often as parents, we don’t really talk about our ‘parenting toolboxes’. But you need to be aware of what you and your partner are working with, and to decide what does and doesn't fit in your lives.


Toilet Training

Is your child ready? Looking for the signs and getting started

Challenging Behaviour & Discipline Techniques

Coping with tears, tantrums and trying times


Toddler Growth Chart

Compare your baby's length and weight for age against the World Health Organization's standard growth charts for children aged 0-3 years.

Video: 10-week-old baby sounds like she says 'I love you'

It’s mixed in amongst garbled baby talk, but this 10-week-old's apparent attempt at telling her parents that she loves them has made her an internet star.

I only enjoyed pregnancy after booking my caesarean

To say I became obsessed is something of an understatement. Everywhere I went I found cause to be reminded of my impending pain.

When your bundle doesn't bring immediate joy

One mum says joy is very a personal feeling and expecting all new mums to feel it in the months after their baby born may do more harm than good.

Lessons learned from my toddler

Blogger Kiran Chug explains why she is going to let her toddler make more decisions for himself.

Family welcomes first baby girl in more than 100 years

The Silverton family has heard the phrase "it's a girl" for the first time in four generations.

When a community of kindness steps in

In future when someone I care for, or even someone I barely know, is experiencing a difficult time, I will not overthink it. I'll follow my heart.

Mum in Business: Jac Bowie

Jac Bowie is the founder of Business in Heels, one of the fastest growing women’s networking events in Australia. She shares her story, including how she juggles work with a young family, and ways to work smarter.

What not to say to a mum of twins

Being a mum of identical twin boys stirs up great interest and fascination. It also opens itself up to nosy, invasive questions, as well as huge assumptions.

The mums suing over unplanned babies

A mother-of-five who calls her two youngest sons "miracle babies" is just one of many mums seeking financial compensation for their children's unplanned conceptions.

Video: Dad sings 'Hallelujah' to his daughter every year

It's a gorgeous song to begin with, but this dad's version of Hallelujah, sung for his young daughter, is especially touching.

Constipation in babies when starting solids

While starting solids can be frustrating and messy (yet also fun!), introducing solids can also play havoc on tiny digestive systems.

Parents reunited with baby snatched from hospital

A mother whose newborn baby was snatched from hospital has spoken of her joy and relief at getting her daughter back.

In defence of the bumpie

Are bumpies - bump selfies - really "exhibitionism of the weirdest kind"?

Life on the other side of the fence: Why I'm child-free and quite content

Acknowledging that motherhood isn't a bed of roses – to begrudge lack of time, sleep, money and spontaneity – is sacrilegious and a no-no, especially by mother superior-types.

'Go the F*** to Sleep' author's new book for frustrated parents

A sequel is coming soon to the 2011 hit book 'Go the F*** to Sleep' - and this time, it's about mealtimes.

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Fill out this quick survey and tell us in 25 words or less your best pregnancy or parenting tip - you'll go in the draw to win a $200 Pumpkin Patch voucher.

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Losing yourself to motherhood

While watching your baby grow into a unique little person is exciting and wondrous, the intensity of meeting everyone else’s needs can ever so sneakily overtake your own needs for self-care.

Tearing during delivery: the facts

Almost all women will experience bruising, grazing or tearing after a vaginal birth. Depending on the degree of tearing, there are various treatments available.

6 tips for a day out with a baby and toddler

Outings can be lots of fun with the kids, but there are inevitable challenges. Here's some information about days out to help you be a little more prepared.

Why I invited a dozen people to watch my son's birth

I sent invitations on burgundy scrapbooking paper stamped with a field of poppies, and told each person why I wanted him or her there. I warned that there would be nudity.

Getting labour started: tips for a natural induction

When your baby’s due date comes and goes without so much as a pop - let alone a bang - it can be disheartening. Mums and a doula share their stories of natural inductions.

7 mistakes old hands make with new babies

As I sat across the table from my friend – me, a seasoned mother of three; her, a brand new mum – I thought of all the mistakes an old-hand parent can make when visiting a newborn baby.

That's my boy: a dad's diary of the first 4 months

Unbearable anxiety, unspeakable joy, constant exhaustion and bouts of frustration ... The many shocks of first-time fatherhood resound in a dad's diary of his son's early months.

One of the most important things a new mum can do

Finances may not be as cute as a newborn, but with many women’s working arrangements changing post-baby, monetary matters need attention too.

In defence of the bumpie

Are bumpies really "exhibitionism of the weirdest kind", as one writer has claimed?

Personalised baby gifts

We've scoured the internet to find gorgeous personalised keepsakes and nursery decor to record baby name and dates. They make great gifts for christenings, name days and birthdays! (All prices in AU.)

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