Toilet Training


Time to start introducing the potty or toilet to your toddler and not sure where to start? Here is our section on toilet trainng with expert advice, other mum's experiences, and forums to share and ask advice from other mums.

Mother bites off pit bull's ear to save toddler

camp chelsi

LETITIA ROWLANDS What would you do if your child was being attacked by a vicious dog? One mother recently had to learn the hard way.

The milestones I can't wait to celebrate

sun hat boy

JO HARTLEY Nothing can beat the feeling of witnessing that first smile, first step and first word - but here's a list of 'firsts' I'm really looking forward to now.

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Mum's heartbreak as son dies in road accident

The little boy who died in Westmead on April 15, 2014

EMMA PARTRIDGE Daly Thomas and her two young sons were walking home from church on Tuesday afternoon. Her youngest son never made it.

Man charged over alleged abduction of girl in Childers

Allegedly abducted child

SIMON O'BRIEN A man has been charged over the alleged abduction of a child from Childers in South East Queensland.

Caring for kids helps grandmothers stay mentally alert


LETITIA ROWLANDS Looking after grandchildren can help grandmothers ward off brain disease - but it's also possible to get too much of a good thing, researchers say.

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What’s in your parenting toolbox?

baby mum

PINKY MCKAY So often as parents, we don’t really talk about our ‘parenting toolboxes’. But you need to be aware of what you and your partner are working with, and to decide what does and doesn't fit in your lives.

Girls might be made of sugar and spice, but boys can be nice too


LETITIA ROWLANDS Boys need to be taught to treat girls with respect, but our sons also need kindness.

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Why I let my child kiss whoever she wants to kiss


LAUREN SMELCHER SAMS My toddler likes to kiss. A lot. I have no problem with that - and I will defend her right to continue.

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The truth about bribing your kids

ice cream girl

CATHERINE RODIE Almost a third of parents admit to bribing their children to ‘behave’. But what does this mean for their long-term behaviour - and what can you try instead?

'Right place at the right time': mattress saves toddler in apartment fall


Jason Wells The mum of a child who fell out a third-storey window said she will "never be able to repay" the couple who cushioned his fall with a mattress.

Letter to a sleeping mum at a play centre goes viral

Tara Jean.

AMBER ROBINSON Sometimes it’s nice to have a reminder that the world is mostly populated by good people - to be reminded that, when we’re having a bad day, ‘the village’ will step up and help.

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When grandparents spoil your kids

hand holding girl

PINKY MCKAY The relationship between grandparents and grandchildren is very precious, no matter how it’s expressed, but the road to family harmony can be paved with a few rocky patches. Here's how to try to keep everyone happy.

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Why kids don't like vegies (and how you can change that)

broccoli child

David Cox There are perfectly good reasons for why your child will refuse to eat vegetables - but that doesn't mean you have to give up. Here are some techniques that have been proven to work in the dinnertime battle.

Toddler's iPad tantrum is troubling, not cute

ipad toddler

Letitia Rowlands A dad has been forced to defend his parenting skills after a video in which he gives in to his toddler's bedtime demands went viral.

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What's changed in your parenting?

parent daughter

KYLIE ORR With my first child I attached so much of myself to my child’s behaviour: my identity, my success as a parent. Now, after four kids, I’ve learnt to separate my own identity from the behaviour of my child. We're just doing the best job we can.


Dear kids: I'm considering union action

cranky mum

Renee Valentine It is with deep regret that I pen this letter stating my intention to take industrial action as your stay-at-home mother. To be quite frank, some of the things I am expected to do in this job are making our working relationship less and less tenable.


Why kids whine - and what you can do about it


CATHERINE RODIE Most parents would probably agree that whining is one of the most irritating sounds known to mankind. But your kids aren't doing it just to annoy you - and there are constructive ways for you to respond.

Baby suffers third-degree burns at skate park

milla campion

Patrick Begley A steel ramp that became scalding hot beneath the summer sun left one-year-old Milla Campion with third-degree burns on her hands and legs.

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Stop telling me girls are easier


BIANCA WORDLEY Don’t assume, based on antiquated gender stereotypes, that you have it in any way easier or harder based on the genitals of your child. All children are hard work. All children come with their own challenges.

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Mystery of fire poker through toddler's tongue


Joelle Dally A toddler has had a lucky escape after suffering a freak accident with a fire poker.


Video: NZ toddler a skating marvel, amid concerns for his safety

skate toddler

A skateboarding New Zealand baby has become a worldwide internet sensation, despite many people raising concerns for his safety.


The makings of a toddler tantrum

crying toddler

JO HARTLEY Let me share with you, just from this week only, the apparently completely unreasonable behaviours I have expected of my child that have resulted in full on tantrums. Warning: low amounts of logic ahead.

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When you have a toddler


KIRAN CHUG I've realised I wasn't really prepared for life with a toddler - and these are the things I’m working out as we go.

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Birthday parties: is every child born equal?


LETITIA ROWLANDS Every child's birthday is a cause for celebration - but do second, and subsequent, children get a raw deal when it comes to birthday parties?


A father's novel answer to childcare centre's questionnaire

Emma and Dad

AMANDA HOH Meet Emma, an 11-month old baby, who describes herself as having invisible unicorn friends, has a talent for yodelling and a life goal to get a PhD in theoretical physical cosmology.

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Why it’s great having a toddler


Sharon Paterson Smith Through the tantrums, the injuries and the defiant shows of independence, I’d much rather be here than where I was two years ago, in the land of the newborn. Toddlers are actually pretty good.


Is it okay to send your kids to daycare while you're on holidays?


LETITIA ROWLANDS It's the time of year when workers everywhere take a few days break from the daily grind, but is it okay to still send your kids to childcare and enjoy the serenity? It seems parents are divided on the topic.

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Unvaccinated children to be excluded from childcare


Changes to vaccination requirements for children in childcare took effect across NSW on January 1.

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Are baby swim survival lessons the answer to child drownings?

William Millena

LETITIA ROWLANDS There are no parents in the pool, no singing Twinkle Twinkle Little Star and definitely no floaties or kickboards. Babies and toddlers are required to attend lessons five days a week for up to eight weeks and are made to save themselves from drowning while dressed in full winter clothing, including a nappy.

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Number of drowning deaths amongst toddlers increasing

The Crouch family

Tim Barlass with staff writers There has been a 48 per cent increase in the number of under-4s drowning over the last financial year.

How to end the nagging

begging child

Melanie Pinola When kids want something, they'll ask ... and ask ... and ask ... until you cave in. You can teach them to unlearn this annoying tactic by saying just three words.

'The pain never goes away': The importance of driveway safety

Corey Warehouse

LETITIA ROWLANDS Despite safety campaigns by organisations such as Kidsafe, the number of children dying and being injured in driveway accidents has remained steady. One mother shares her story of loss and warns others to pay attention.

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When the boy we love began slipping away

Simon Bosch: colour cartoon/illo/illustration/toon/art work

Illustration of a child's face distorted with a map of the world


The signs were almost imperceptible, yet Joanne Wilson knew something was wrong.

Sleeping cuties: Theo and Beau's naptime love

theo beau

Melanie Mahoney Blogger Jessica Shyba has been sharing photos of her toddler son Beau napping with their new puppy, Theo, touching hearts around the world in the process.

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Smacking bad for language skills, study shows


Deborah Netburn New evidence shows that smacking can cause lowered vocabulary skills and increased levels of aggression in children.


Most embarrassing parenting moments


From getting caught with your pants down to having kids blurt out inappropriate things at the worst times, being a parent means your life is filled with opportunities for embarrassment.

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Understanding your child's temperament

shy boy

JODIE BENVENISTE It’s not about a child being ‘good’ or ‘bad’, ‘easy’ or ‘difficult’. It’s about understanding how your children react to situations and how you can help them.

A visit from the dummy fairy

Girl with dummy

AMITY DRY When Amity invited the dummy fairy in to her daughter's bedroom, she was surprised at the profound lesson in store for both of them.


'Revelation moment' for Madeleine McCann investigators

Madeleine McCann

NICK MILLER Police have described a 'revelation moment' in their investigation of the disappearance of Madeleine McCann, which changed their theory as to when the child may have been abducted.

Man arrested after making Madeleine McCann boast


NICK MILLER British police have reportedly arrested a man after he boasted of having recently seen Madeleine McCann.

Walking: what’s normal and when to get help


CATHERINE RODIE Watching your child take their first steps is one of the great joys of parenting, but there's a huge variation in the age at which this important milestone takes place.

The first horrible home haircut

hair cut

Donnelle Belanger-Taylor I'm not sure who found the little pair of baby nail scissors, but I know his sister told him to cut his hair "so it doesn't get as long as mine". That's where it began.


Couple welcomes baby 12 hours after son's tragic death

Lochlain Atkinson

A Toowoomba family has experienced the depths of despair after losing their toddler, then bittersweet joy when they welcomed a newborn just 12 hours later.


Couple welcomes baby 12 hours after son's tragic death

Lochlain Atkinson

A Toowoomba family has experienced the depths of despair after losing their toddler, then bittersweet joy when they welcomed a newborn just 12 hours later.

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Judgmental non-parents told off in viral blog post

sad toddler

Staff writers Matt Walsh, an American DJ, is being praised as a parenting hero after standing up for mums and dads everywhere.

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When toddlers bite

bite child

KIRAN CHUG When Kiran's son was on the receiving end of a child's chomp at daycare, he wasn't too worried about it - but his parents sure were.


Horrible ways to be woken by kids

toddler bed

Donnelle Belanger-Taylor Getting the kids to bed earlier means they wake up earlier, too. Sometimes they even beat me to it - and the results aren't always great.


Unwanted advice in the weirdest of places

woman dubious

KYLIE ORR It’s fascinating where people are willing to offer uninvited advice: the supermarket checkout, waiting for public transport, the doctor’s waiting room, the optometrist ...


If rules were made by toddlers


Jo Hartley When viewed through the eyes of a toddler, the world can seem like a pretty bizarre, scary place. But imagine how much scarier it would be if they were to run it ...

Facebook to the rescue for toddler's toy

pink bunny

Livia Gamble A toddler's cherished toy has been returned home safely after thousands of people shared a Facebook campaign to help reunite the pair.


Toilet Training

Is your child ready? Looking for the signs and getting started

Challenging Behaviour & Discipline Techniques

Coping with tears, tantrums and trying times


Toddler Growth Chart

Compare your baby's length and weight for age against the World Health Organization's standard growth charts for children aged 0-3 years.

Britain's youngest parents: mother 12, father 13

A 12-year-old schoolgirl and her 13-year-old boyfriend are believed to have become Britain’s youngest parents, after the birth of their baby girl earlier this week.

When Prince George met Bilby George

Prince George has met an Aussie marsupial named after him in his first official engagement in Australia.

Asphyxia link another piece of the SIDS puzzle

An Australian study has uncovered information which could lead to a better understanding of why babies die from Sudden Infant Death Syndrome.

Pregnant woman dies after doctor removes ovary instead of appendix

When a UK woman went to hospital suffering appendicitis, doctors mistakenly removed her healthy ovary - with tragic consequences.

The milestones I can't wait to celebrate

Nothing can beat the feeling of witnessing that first smile, first step and first word - but here's a list of 'firsts' I'm really looking forward to now.

How you develop in your baby's first year

Just as babies undergo rapid growth as they learn and change in their first year, we’re learning and changing quickly as parents, too. Don’t underestimate the developmental stages you go through when you have a baby.

Can you make your baby smarter even before birth?

A product new to Australia claims to help babies be born "as intelligent as possible", but not all experts agree on the benefits of educating babies while still in the womb.

How a mother's love helped unearth the skills of an autistic savant

Autistic savant Ping Lian Yeak, a prodigious artist who has had his work shown all over the world, couldn't have done it without the support and love of his proud mum.

Rescue dog Zoey and BFF Jasper star in adorable pics

Photographer, self-professed "crazy dog lady" and mum Grace Chon takes photos of rescue dog Zoey and her 10-month-old son Jasper together. The results are just too cute. See more on Instagram @thegracechon.

Download now: Essential Kids Activity Finder app

Got bored kids? Quickly find the best activities for kids wherever you are in Australia with the Essential Kids app.

A tiny heart: a baby’s death gives life to another

Simon Alexander Garcia lived only one brief hour. But somewhere, a little girl’s heart is beating today because of him.

Ear piercing: what age is best?

What is it that shapes our opinions on what’s an 'appropriate' age for our children to get their ears pierced? Parents share their views on how young is too young when it comes to piercing.

Why is childbirth still such a pain?

The options given to women to help them cope in labour have barely changed in years.

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Easter gifts for babies, no chocolate in sight!

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7 tips for a kid-free trip, not a guilt trip

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Itchibubs: clothes for babies and toddlers with eczema

Parents of children who suffer from eczema will know only too well the scratching that occurs around the clock. A new clothing range aims to help make everyone more comfortable.

Ear piercing: what age is best?

What is it that shapes our opinions on what’s an 'appropriate' age for our children to get their ears pierced? Parents share their views on how young is too young when it comes to piercing.

Caring for kids helps grandmothers stay mentally alert

Looking after grandchildren can help grandmothers ward off brain disease - but it's also possible to get too much of a good thing, researchers say.

Why I loved my third home water birth

After two water births at home, I was determined to give birth to my son the same way. I just hoped this birth would be quicker than my last two.

Revealed: 7 ways food marketers try to trick consumers

If you’re confused by food labels, you’re not alone. Next time you’re shopping for food, look out for these seven common labelling tricks.

'My mother-in-law found out our baby's gender behind our backs'

My husband and I mutually decided that we didn’t want to know our baby's sex before the birth, but his mother couldn't handle that.

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