Kylie Orr

Kylie Orr

Her dream of becoming a back-up dancer for Janet Jackson quashed by a distinct lack of talent, Kylie Orr was forced into a day job of writing. See more at

When preschoolers insist on using baby talk

Kylie Orr Despite her proficient use of language, my daughter loves to slide into baby talk. And it drives me mad.

My daughter is small, but that doesn't matter

Kylie Orr My daughter may be small, but it's my job as her parent to refocus back where it belongs - on who she is as a person

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How an extrovert can raise an introvert

Kylie Orr Introverts are often misunderstood as shy, and sometimes even rude. A timid child can be difficult to build rapport with, but it's important we nurture their sensitive natures.

End of an era: no more childcare

We questioned if we were doing the right thing for our children; we needn't have worried.

Kylie Orr As we reach the end of 2014, we're closing the book on many things for another year, most notably childcare. Our last child has attended childcare for the very last time.

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The tragedy of losing a favourite teddy bear

Kylie Orr We were green and uninitiated, perhaps a little naïve when it came to the favourite toy responsibility.

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Dressing to not impress: life through the eyes of a three-year-old


Kylie Orr When it comes to getting dressed, my three-year-old has only one criterion: “I don’t want to look beautiful.” And now I've worked out why.

Kid-friendly hairdressers: who says haircuts can’t be fun?

haircut child

Kylie Orr I’ve found some salons who boast setups ideal for children – you name it, they’ve thought of it. All are designed to make haircuts fun rather than stressful.

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Crushing childhood creativity starts young

chalk child

Kylie Orr As a writer and a parent, I see how little creativity is valued in general. The mockery of inventiveness starts early.

What's changed in your parenting?

parent daughter

Kylie Orr With my first child I attached so much of myself to my child’s behaviour: my identity, my success as a parent.

Music to their ears: what's your family's soundtrack?


Kylie Orr I’ll be sure to ground my children's musical interests in some history - depending on your tastes, you may say it is a history of the rubbish I used to listen to - but what will they remember the...

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Unwanted advice in the weirdest of places

woman dubious

Kylie Orr It’s fascinating where people are willing to offer uninvited advice: the supermarket checkout, waiting for public transport, the doctor’s waiting room, the optometrist ...

Vanishing act

Lost child

Kylie Orr You can be an incredibly attentive parent and still experience the stress of a child disappearing.

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Baptism of fire: were you pressured to christen your baby?

Kylie Orr Guilted into christening your kids?

Light-fingered little people

boy sneaking cake

Kylie Orr Her son began - and hopefully ended - his life of crime with a shoplifted chocolate bar. Kylie Orr shares her experiences with sticky-fingered kids - and how to deal with them.

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What's your favourite age?


Kylie Orr For Kylie Orr, newborns are the best - but by the time her kids turn three, she's almost ready to send them back.

Do hospitals offer frequent flyer cards for climbers?

Child climbing tree

Kylie Orr Until her third child, Kylie Orr had never had a climber. She's now got her second injury-prone Spiderman-wannabe ... and it's driving her up the wall.

Have you ever visited the land of empty threats?

Nagging mum

Kylie Orr Empty threats are often blurted out by parents in the heat of the moment, when frustration with our children trumps all else.

Have you turned into your mother?

Turn into mum

Kylie Orr It may start with the birth of your child, or take a good few years to set in, but you will eventually turn into your mother, Kylie Orr writes. But is it really so bad after all?

English for beginners

Toddler with blocks

Kylie Orr Her toddler will eventually pronounce words properly, but Kylie Orr loves the mispronunciations her son is coming up with along the way. Sceezy cuggle, anyone?

From my bookshelf

Mother reading with child

Kylie Orr Kylie Orr has always loved reading, and is passing that love on to her children. She lists her family's favourite books, and asks what she might have missed.