Amity Dry

Amity Dry

Amity Dry is a writer, singer, TV personality and interior stylist. She was on the original series of The Block and won The Block All Stars, along with her husband Phil. She’s the creator of the successful musical ‘Mother, Wife and the Complicated Life’ and is currently blogging about her house build at

A visit from the dummy fairy

Amity Dry When Amity invited the dummy fairy in to her daughter's bedroom, she was surprised at the profound lesson in store for both of them.

When terrible twos become threenagers


Amity Dry Amity wonders why two-year-olds get such a bad rap, when it's the three-year-olds who can give teenagers a run for their money in the attitude stakes.

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Regimented vs flexible routines: what works for your family?


Amity Dry Does your family rely on routines to keep things running smoothly, or do you take a more relaxed approach to your day? Amity Dry reflects on her experiences as a go-with-the-flow mum.

Winners and losers: is competition bad for kids?

kids soccer

Amity Dry As Amity Dry reflects on her time in The Block All Stars, she thinks about the nature of competition and ask the question: is it such a bad thing to raise kids who want to win?

What I'll miss

beach th

Amity Dry As Amity plans for a fortnight away from her kids, she's counting the things she won't miss about being a stay-at-home mum ... and things she'll miss terribly about them, too.


Amity Dry

SPONSORED FEATURE by Amity Dry LEGO DUPLO is one of those wonderful kids’ toys that are everlasting; a toy that brings back memories of your own childhood and invokes a nostalgia for a time before iPads and Xboxes.

Review: LEGO DUPLO My First Range


SPONSORED FEATURE by Amity Dry There was much excitement when Amity Dry's children recently received items from the LEGO DUPLO My First Range. She shares what she - and her kids - thought of the brick sets.

In defense of TV

tv toddler

Amity Dry Feeling guilty after hearing about the latest study on kids' exposure to TV? Amity Dry says you're not alone - but that this is one study she'll be taking with a grain of salt.

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Review: Macleans Nurdle Time app

nurdle time

Sponsored feature by Amity Dry They say there’s an app for anything and now there’s even one to encourage your children to clean their teeth - and it's a lot of fun, as Amity Dry and her kids discovered.

No-tears hair-washing (or how my son learnt to stop worrying and love the bath)

kid bath

Amity Dry As a preschooler, Amity Dry's son hated having his hair washed - as in screaming, crying, trying-to-climb-out-of-the-bath hated it. Then she discovered a trick to take the tears away ...

Buying double means less trouble

teddy bear red hair

Amity Dry Kids can get very attached to their comfort items – whether it's a stuffed toy or a blankie, the world can come crashing down if they go missing.

Are iPads rewiring our children’s brains?

baby ipad

Amity Dry Like so many preschoolers today, Amity Dry's daughter started using an iPad well before her first birthday. But is their use of technology harming our kids more than we might realise?

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My son, the fussy dresser

boy dressing

Amity Dry From the age of three, Amity Dry's son knew what he wanted to wear and how he had to wear it. And it drove her mad ... until she saw the light.

Is attachment parenting the superior option?

attachment parenting

Amity Dry This week, 60 Minutes ran a segment on attachment parenting. After using different parenting styles when her children were babies - and having once been an 'attachment' parent herself - Amity Dry was...

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Making washing day fun

toddler clothes

Amity Dry In this age of instant technology it’s so easy to entertain our kids with the TV, iPad, iPhone and computer.

Boys will be boys, girls will love Barbies

Gender stereotypes

Amity Dry Raising a child free from gender stereotypes is easier said than done when some things just seem ingrained from birth, writes Amity Dry.

A touch too much

high five

Amity Dry A school in Victoria has banned high fives, and Amity Dry thinks it's a sign that the world's gone mad. What are we teaching our kids when we don't allow them to act on these harmless instincts?

Little nippers: stopping your toddler from biting

Biting toddler

Amity Dry For a while, when he was a toddler, Amity Dry's son would would sink his chompers into anything – toys, her, the furniture, and, most mortifying of all, other kids.

The world of fussy eaters

water child

Amity Dry With a former 'garbage guts' now turning up her nose at everything she's offered, Amity Dry is worried her second child is following in the fussy-eating footsteps of her eldest child.

Are you really there for your kids, or are you on your iPhone?

iPhones set cracking pace for warranty claims

Amity Dry I just read something that made me feel guilty. And not just a little guilty - this is heavy-grade, industrial strength mother guilt.