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How Play-Doh 'ruined' Christmas

Amber Robinson Popular toy maker Play-Doh is under fire for its phallic-shaped 'dough extruder'.

Letter to a sleeping mum at a play centre goes viral

Tara Jean.

Amber Robinson Sometimes it’s nice to have a reminder that the world is mostly populated by good people - to be reminded that, when we’re having a bad day, ‘the village’ will step up and help.

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What autism looks like in toddlers: VIDEO


Amber Robinson The average age of ASD diagnosis is 4 years of age, despite the fact that about half of children with this disorder may be detected by age 14 months.

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Mum's open letter to businessman who entertained autistic daughter on flight goes viral


Amber Robinson Shanell Mouland's open letter "Dear Daddy in Seat 16C”, about a man who entertained her three-year-old daughter on a US Airways flight, has gone viral - and finally reached the businessman himself.

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Daycare beneficial to children with depressed mothers, finds study


Amber Robinson Children of mothers suffering mood disorders are less likely to develop depression and anxiety disorders themselves if they attend daycare, a new study has found.

Review: Mountain Buggy Mini


Amber Robinson With its light aluminium frame, black/chilli canvas seat and classic branded kick plate, we were looking forward to reviewing the Mountain Buggy Mini.

EB Mums' Morning Tea, March 2012

Mums had the chance to meet the EB team and other EB fans at a special morning tea.

Amber Robinson Essential Baby's latest morning tea gave the EB team and the mums who make up our community a chance to meet in real life - and get to learn about pain relief for little ones, too.

Toddler swim safety

Toddler swimming pool

Amber Robinson Most toddlers and older children love water play. It keeps them cool in the summer months and provides exercise, developmental opportunities and heaps of fun!

Silver Cross Ranger Doll Pram

Amber Robinson Toddlers and pre-schoolers love to play mummy and daddy. From dressing up in your work shoes and tottering around the house, to cooking breakfast on a wooden toy stove, pretend play teaches children...

Review: the Trunki carry-on kids suitcase

Amber Robinson Rob Law may have had his kids' wheelie suitcase design knocked back on reality TV, but the inventor has had the last laugh with his now-trademarked Trunki spotted in airports around the world.

Try fish, not carrots for optimal eyesight

The best sources of omega-3 essential fatty acids are cold-water fish.

Amber Robinson We’ve been told since we were children that eating carrots will improve eyesight and help us see in the dark. The truth is, it’s a myth. In fact, too much may even be damaging to your health.