Who is Being Dad? (FOR HIM...)

Meet the guys; Troy, Tom & Sam
Meet the guys; Troy, Tom & Sam 

You are probably wondering who the bloody hell are these blokes who have penned a book, a series of films and ultimately this site? 

Why don’t they have a string of impressive qualifications after their names? 

Well, for starters, we don’t have any qualifications that are impressive, at least none our publisher thought worthy! We aren’t medical, health care or relationship experts. Let’s be honest, on paper we are pretty unimpressive! Why then have we written a site on pregnancy, birth and parenting? 

Having been through the experience of having our first kids we sat around wondering why we had been so ill advised of what was in store for us prospective parents. In the information age how is it that such vital information about becoming parents had seemingly bypassed our collective inboxes. As we explored our experiences and failings together it became apparent that the pregnancy and parenting world just wasn’t catering very well to the needs of men or couples. Given the staggering amount of media devoted to women on the subject why was it that the male and relationship perspective was missing?

After reviewing parenting books, films, websites and other information we decided to do some market research by putting eight new dads in a room, plying them with copious amounts of beer and forcing them to talk about pregnancy and birth. After 3 hours of emotionally charged conversation we realised that blokes typically don’t talk to each other about their experiences but when they do it’s incredibly beneficial. Our test dad’s laughed, cried and sat in quiet rapture as they listened to one another talk for the first time about becoming a father and the change in their relationships.

From that initial video footage came the concept of Being Dad – a series of films by dads, for dads to assist men to make the transition into fatherhood and the new relationship with their partner. Armed with a shoe-string budget we set off around the country and interviewed groups of new dads and a few ‘real’ experts about pregnancy and birth. Funnily enough nine months later our new baby was born – Being Dad the DVD. What we’ve learnt through making the initial film in Australia and subsequent films in the US and UK is that by uncovering the world of pregnancy from a male’s perspective we have inadvertently helped women and couples make pregnancy and birth more enjoyable and happy.

This site is a distillation of information, experiences and advice we have gleaned from the real parenting experts around the world. Every day blokes who are fresh from their first go around in the pregnancy and birth caper. We aren’t about pushing an agenda and we don’t represent any organisation or view point. Our only aim is to help men become great dads, women to understand their partner better and couples to make a happier transition into parenthood. This site focuses more on helping couples transition to families. We’ve taken our knowledge of the male mind and applied it to making pregnancy and birth a happier experience as a couple.

So, with this site, we haven’t tried to create an ultimate guide to pregnancy and birth and we apologise in advance for not yet covering issues like multiple births, special needs children, same sex parenting and single parents. We aren’t parenting experts but we have travelled the world interviewing new dads and parenting experts about all things pregnancy and birth. We are but foetuses with a camera for an umbilical cord. Making Being Dad taught us a great deal about men, women and couples. By watching the Being Dad films or reading our book or skimming the site, you can learn like our ancestors did, from other people who have been there and done it. People sharing the quintessential human experiences – life, birth and love. 

Our aim is to help couples think outside the box, to be aware of their choices, to be more understanding of each other and to become happy parents because if we’ve learnt one thing its that happy parents make happy kids.

... and who is Being Dad for her?

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