A welcoming wreath at your door

A welcoming wreath at your door

A white wreath is a classically pretty way to dress up your door for the Christmas season.

All you need is a plain birch wreath (try your local florist), the decorations of your choice and a can of white spray paint. We went with white flowers and glittery white birds for this wreath, but you can use almost anything.

Why not take a walk through the local park and collect fallen leaves, nuts and feathers for a nature themed wreath? Miniature bells and ornaments work beautifully as well.

Simply add decorations around the wreath, either working them into the wreath itself, or attach with thin ribbon or wire, then give the whole thing a couple of light coats of paint, stopping before the wreath is too thickly coated.

Allow to dry then add a pretty ribbon to the top of the wreath and tie in place.

Words and styling by Francesca Newby
All props from Prue Trollope.