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The Philips Avent Steamer Blender

Philips Avent Steamer/blender

Parents may be concerned about nasties like BPA in packaged baby food, but the thought of preparing nutritious food from scratch can be daunting.

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Cooking with Kids. From left, Charlie, 11yrs, Henry, 9yrs, Tom, 7yrs, Ava, 6yrs, and Daphne 4yrs, all making pizza.Story ...

The young apprentices

Television shows are inspiring more young chefs to get into the kitchen and learn new cooking skills, writes Kate Gibbs.

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Baby's First Year - Month 6

At this stage many parents introduce solid food for the first time. Solid food is actually assortments of purees. We have some tips to get you started below. Baby will also be continuing to absorb language and it is never too early to start reading and singing songs to your baby who just loves the sound of your voice!

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In the second year it is common for little ones to use food (or refusal of food) to assert their developing independence.

Mealtimes with young children

Mealtimes with young children can be a challenging part of parenthood, but they can also be a source of immense joy, fun and satisfaction.

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Rebecca Judd with 2-year-old Allegra (no relation to Rebecca).

Mum in Profile: Rebecca Judd

We chat to Rebecca Judd: model, TV personality and parent to six month old Oscar, her son with AFL star Chris Judd.

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Super food home pointer

Top super foods for babies

By now, hopefully all of us have heard about super foods. For those who haven’t, they’re everyday natural foods, which are high in nutrients and antioxidants to help keep the body healthy.

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Olden days

The good old days?

As you go about your daily chores using a plethora of appliances and technology, spare a thought for the families who came before you, who had to do everything the old fashioned way ... that is, by using more elbow grease, and taking a lot more time to do it all!

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Kate McLennan (left) and Kate McCartney.

The Katering Show's next big delivery

Most mums-to-be plan to take things easy and perhaps have a little break from work as the birth of their baby draws near. Not Kate McCartney.

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Baby's sixth month: weaning

There are a number of signs your baby will give you when they are ready to be weaned and start eating solids including showing a curiosity in food, chewing or lipsmacking.

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baby with money

Feeding your baby on a budget

Feeding your baby shouldn’t and doesn’t have to be expensive. Here are some tips to help keep costs down!

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