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First vege puree

Root vegetables have a naturally sweet taste so are perfect for puree baby food.

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First apple puree

Apples are ideal first fruits as they are easy to digest and unlikely to cause allergies.

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Avocado and banana puree

Raw fruits are best since none of the nutrients are lost in cooking. You can combine two different fruits together when you make this weaning recipe.

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Pineapple and mango puree

This summery puree can be refrigerated in individual containers for up to one week, or frozen for up to six months.

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Woolworths recall

RECALL: Metal blade found in baby food

Woolworths is recalling Baby Macro Organic Tomato Chicken with Pasta Puree 120g purchased at any Woolworths, Safeway or Thomas Dux supermarket with a best before date of 07/Aug/14.

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Pea and ham soup

A lighter, faster and greener pea soup than the traditional one using dried split peas. A smoked, gypsy-style ham gives it a lovely flavour.

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Thai pumpkin soup thumb

Thai pumpkin soup

If you think pumpkin soup is boring, then think again. A little curry paste will spice things up.

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Raising an adventurous eater

The idea of my child exclusively eating the so-called "beige diet" made my stomach churn. So what could my wife and I do to help raise an adventurous eater? I asked the experts.

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There's nothing cuter than a baby in a Christmas onesie.

The cutest Christmas baby onesies

Parents, baby and toddlerhood is the only time in their lives when you can truly dress them how you wish.

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Sneaky cooking with vegies

Sneaky cooking – how to hide vegies in everyday food

It’s common for toddlers – and older kids – to refuse whole food groups like vegetables. But with some clever cooking techniques you can hide vegies in everyday food by camouflage and blending. Here are a few tips and recipe ideas…

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Vegie bean curry

Throw all the left-over vegies in and you have a great dish for the whole family.

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