Stages of Pregnancy



New dad creates magical photo series

When Anthony Stuart found out his wife was pregnant, he decided to create a photography project that would showcase her pregnancy in a fun and memorable way.

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"When you are pregnant, you have to prioritise sleep more than you normally would" ... Dr Leigh Signal.

Poor sleep a danger to pregnancy

One-third of women get six hours' sleep or less in late pregnancy - and researchers say it can affect the health and wellbeing of mothers and babies.

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One-day babymoons for busy parents-to-be

The idea of escaping for a full week or more to a luxury resort before bub arrives is heaven, but not everyone can afford the time or money. Some couples have found another way to relax together before the big day arrives.

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Kristie Hopkins in an update on her '4 More to Adore' page. (Source: Facebook)

Four more to adore for Melbourne mum

Kristie Hoskins set up a Facebook page to keep friends abreast of some surprising news - she was pregnant with quadruplets. But she was even more surprised when the site gained supporters in their thousands.

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Letting nature take its course

While most women abort pregnancies after diagnosis of severe or lethal conditions, specialists say a small but increasing number want to let nature take its course - but the system doesn't know how to deal with them.

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