Stages of Pregnancy


Don't stock up on too many pink or blue booties until you are certain of your baby's gender.

Boy oh boy, it's a girl

This mum regrets sharing the news of her baby's gender so soon and enthusiastically.

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boy girl

Old wives' tales and gender prediction theories

Someone once said, tongue-in-cheek, that not knowing the gender makes you push harder, and I like that idea. But just for fun, I thought I'd do some tests on old wives' gender prediction theories.

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Why do pregnant women nest?

You’re not far off giving birth and the excitement is palpable … so much so that you get the urge to clean the fridge and rearrange your lounge room furniture in the middle of the night. No, you're not going crazy - it's all a normal part of pregnancy.

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"I knew tiredness is a symptom of pregnancy, but this is another level of fatigue altogether" ... Greer Berry

The delights of the first trimester

It's hard to shrug off the effects that major pregnancy hormone changes have on one's body, to just say 'Pregnancy is beautiful and wonderful' and all those things. Because, quite frankly, there are some terrible side effects in this first trimester.

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