Week 35

Week 35

Your Baby

How big is my baby?

Fetal size: crown-rump 33cm (13.2 inches), crown-toe 45cm (20.25 inches). Fetal weight: 2.5 kilos (5.5 pounds).

Fat has continued to build up under your baby's skin, and is responsible for providing energy and regulating body temperature. These fat deposits have also changed the appearance of the skin, making it pinker (rather than red) and less wrinkled.

Fingernails are developed on the fingers, but may still be growing on the toes. Eyelids can be opened and closed and blinking is possible. The irises are also now light sensitive, and will dilate and contract depending on exposure to light.

Your Pregnancy

What pregnancy symptoms will I be experiencing?

By week 35 your weight gain should be approximately 9-13 kilos (20-29 pounds).

Labour and birth can seem quite daunting, so it's only natural that you and your partner may start to get a little bit nervous as Week 40 draws closer! You may experience mood swings (possibly as a result of discomfort or anxiety), and irritability. It's important for you and your partner to recognise that this can be a stressful time in your lives, and to keep things in perspective. Make sure you take the time to talk to one another, reassure each other and spend some time relaxing together. Things will change once you have a newborn in the house

Remember to write down any last minute questions for your visits to your healthcare practitioner or antenatal class instructor.

Another sign of labour is the show. This is when the mucus plug that seals your cervix during pregnancy is dislodged and passes out through the vagina. Having a show doesn't necessarily mean your labour is about to start - your cervix may simply have stretched a little. The show doesn't present any danger for you or your baby, but you should contact your health care professional immediately to advise them that you have had a show.

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