Week 25

Week 25

Your Baby

How big is my baby?

Fetal size: 22cm (8.8 inches). Fetal weight: 680 grams (1.5 pounds)

Your baby continues to develop and mature. Its brain begins to form connections between the nerve cells and fibre ends. This process continues for a few weeks, while a basis is created for the relay of the sensory messages that signal consciousness in adults.

Your Pregnancy

What pregnancy symptoms will I be experiencing?

Your uterus has grown quite a bit and you are getting noticeably bigger - in front and on the sides of your abdomen. Different people carry their babies in different ways, so don't be concerned if your shape is different to that of other pregnant women.

If you are uncomfortable when sleeping, try lying on your side. This ensures optimum blood circulation for you and your baby, particularly if you lie on your left side.

You may be experiencing pain under your ribs when your baby moves. Your growing baby is placing a lot of pressure on your bowel, bladder and other organs. Unfortunately there isn't a great deal you can do to relieve the pain and discomfort except lie on your side and rest. If the pain becomes too much, discuss it with your health care professional.

If your urine is tested, it is possible it may contain small amounts of sugar, even if you aren't a diabetic. This is because your sugar levels change during pregnancy and the kidneys will ensure that any excess sugar is expelled from your body in your urine. At around the end of the second trimester you may have a routine screening for diabetes.

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