Week 17

Week 17

Your Baby

How big is my baby?

This week your baby is about 11-12cm (4.4-4.8 inches) in length and weighs approximately 100 grams (3.5 ounces).

Fat begins to form on the fetus from this week and aids in heat production and metabolism.

Your Pregnancy

What pregnancy symptoms will I be experiencing?

By the start of week 17 you will be noticing an increase in the size of your abdomen. Some people may still be able to get by wearing looser clothing, while others will be wearing maternity clothes. You may also be able to feel the top of your uterus just below your umbilicus (belly button), especially when you are standing. Some women experience ligament-stretching discomfort, which occurs as the uterus increases in size. This is called round ligament pain and is quite normal, but can be uncomfortable at times.

Antenatal (pregnancy and birth) classes are available to all pregnant women and their partners. They are recommended, especially for first time parents. The classes cover many topics associated with your pregnancy, birth and beyond, including labour and birth and changing nappies. Most hospitals provide antenatal classes but they tend to get fully booked very quickly, so it is advised that you book in for classes at your first antenatal visit. Private classes are also available. Your health care professional will be able to provide more information.

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