Trip to the hairdresser doubles as gender reveal

Amanda Parrish in the hairdresser's chair.
Amanda Parrish in the hairdresser's chair.  Photo: Facebook

When Amanda Parrish visited the salon she knew she would be leaving with more than just a new hairstyle.

The mum-to-be planned to finish the day with a head of hair that would announce to the world whether her unborn baby was a boy or girl.

The US woman's unique gender reveal involved stylists dyeing her hair blue or pink before unveiling the new do to share the exciting news with Ms Parrish and her partner.

A video shows the moment the couple found out if they were expecting a boy or girl.

"I'm not closing my eyes again. I'm not doing it," Ms Parrish says in the clip which has gone viral since being uploaded to Facebook by stylist Amber Sacrison of Salon One in Rapid City, South Dakota.

When a head of bright blue hair is revealed, Ms Parrish jumps out her chair in excitement.

"I was gonna cry so hard if it was a girl," she laughed.

Ms Sacrison came up with the idea for the novel gender reveal. She had suggested dyeing one section of Ms Parrish's hair, but the soon-to-be mum decided to make a bold statement with her whole head of hair turning pink or blue.

"It was awesome. I loved being a part of something like that. To see their happiness was just amazing to me," she told US Today.

Ms Parrish gave birth to a healthy boy on March 8.