Things to look forward to in pregnancy

Happy times .. there's lots to get excited about now you're pregnant.
Happy times .. there's lots to get excited about now you're pregnant. 

Carrying a human being in your body for nine months is a pretty amazing experience. Yes, there are some aspects that aren’t super fun or too comfy, but for every downside there’s at least one positive point to counteract it. Here are a few of the things you can look forward to now you’re pregnant. 

The firsts
All those first moments will fill you with wonder, love and joy. There’s your first scan (where you get to glimpse the new being you and your partner created, and can hear the tiny heart beating), the first movement you can actually feel (also known quickening, which can occur for first-time mums at around 18-20 weeks), and the first time you see your baby moving inside you (those elbows and knees can seem pretty pointy!). Not to mention the first time you tell your loved ones that you’re pregnant – especially your partner! All these moments are great for bonding with your unborn bub, and to share special times with your partner, friends and family too.

Hello, good looking!
Because of your higher oestrogen levels, your hair won’t be going through its normal growth and falling out stages – in fact, the falling out stage won’t be happening much at all, leaving you with a thicker mop than usual. Some women find that their hair becomes glossier and healthier-looking when they’re expecting, while others find that it can change altogether – women who normally have curly hair can go straight, and vice versa!

You may also experience that much sought-after ‘pregnancy glow’. To cope with the demands of your baby, your body is pumping more blood around; this, and other hormonal changes, can bring a healthy hue to your cheeks.

Brand new boobs
Chances are your bigger bustline will make your partner happy – and may be a bit of a novelty for you, too! As your boobs grow to accommodate the milk that will come in, you’ll find yourself having to buy bigger bras. It’s important they fit well, as badly fitted maternity bras can cause blocked ducts and mastitis, so visit a professional bra fitter.

The days of expectant women automatically being given a seat on crowded public transport may be over, but you never know your luck!

Shopping, shopping and more shopping
You’ve got a whole new room to get ready, as well as two new wardrobes – your maternity clothes and your baby’s – so get ready to hit the stores! Doing it all from home via the internet is a great way to avoid the crowds, but if you want to visit the good old brick and mortar shops, remember to take it easy, especially in your later months, by having regular rest breaks, and by frequently snacking on healthy treats and sipping on water. Don’t have enough cash to splash on all the new stuff? Borrow whenever possible, and try buying second-hand when you can.

Not having a period
You won’t be getting your period for the entire time you’re pregnant – and even for a while afterwards – so enjoy this tampon- and pad-free time! Sure, there might be a bit of discharge to deal with every now and then, but it’s nothing a maternity liner can’t cope with.

Go on, treat yourself
Now is a better time than ever to indulge yourself, so go for it! Love more sleep? It’s a good time to nap and sleep in – you won’t have the chance to do it very often once your baby is born, and getting enough rest is important, so do it now. Dreaming of a monthly massage? It will make your aches and pains feel better, so book it in (and if you can’t afford a professional pregnancy massage, ask your partner to give it a go… gently!).

Then, of course, there are your cravings. As long as the foods you’re dreaming of are safe for you and your bub, there’s no reason not to give yourself a treat … or two. As always, moderation is key – but don’t feel guilty for giving in. After all, it’s what the baby wants!  


Bonding with your partner and family
As you and your partner prepare for this exciting new time, your relationship will grow stronger and stronger (yes, even when you spend whole nights debating how you should spell your baby’s middle name!). When you both talk honestly about how you’re feeling – both the good and the bad – you’ll be able to cope better with what you’re going through, and help the other one, too. While your days and nights are still baby-free, enjoy dinner dates, going to the movies, and weekends away – or even a longer babymoon. These special times will help you get through any tougher moments once the baby arrives.

You might also notice yourself thinking about your own mother – or even grandmother – more often, as you make your own move into parenthood. Pregnancy can bring women together as you ask questions and talk about what you’re experiencing, so bask in this time of getting to know your female family and friends on a different level.  

Attention please!
The days of expectant women automatically being given a seat on crowded public transport may be over, but you never know your luck – your growing belly may be enough for a fellow bus or train traveller to offer you their seat.

You might also find that your co-workers are more attentive than usual, offering to make you cups of tea when they’re putting the kettle on, and strangers might go out of their way to do little things for you. Such is the power of the pregnant belly!